Seasons of Erlengrat: Alpine Farming Expansion is Seasons-ready!


You asked beforehand if the Alpine Farming Expansion will be Seasons-ready at launch. Yes, it will be! Enjoy the mountainous beauty of Erlengrat through the seasons. Get a glimpse of the atmospheric and diverse Alpine region during the year in our moody little trailer featuring Seasons 19 by RealismusModding.

The Alpine Farming Expansion launches on November 12th for PC & Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

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  1. Hei i have a question how did you no the season did work and dis map because i can't get it to work IF you don't fiks diss problem i want my money back because the map maker she's making this map can't be good i want to have winter in this map and if you care about eller kommuneti den you fix this en the next game you makeget oneseason for all the map if you can get it to work you shouldn't have this on this platform eller this game

  2. If I activate Season on this map, do I need a special GEO mod or is there some sort of default weather already?

  3. Please added new crops upcoming farming simulator game for Android like sugarcane,Rice, fruit tree and we can grow vegetables 😁


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