The FarmSim Guy's – Five of the Best Harvester Mods for Farming Simulator 19


We’re back for another 5 of the best, a series where I highlight some of the best mods that we have access to in Farming Simulator 19. In this video we’re looking at combine harvesters. This isn’t an exhaustive list and I can’t list all the brilliant mods we have, but I highlighted 5 (well 6) that I use a lot and really like, I know there are others so let me know your favourites in the comments.

AGCO Ideal Pack – Ahran Modding

S700 series – from JHHG Modding

John Deere X9 – SiiD Modding

Claas 780 Lexion US Version – CNH Modding

New Holland CR10.90 US
Whiskey Sierra Modding, Adub Modding ABP Team, SIID

CASE 240 Series – Steenkamp Modding

New Holland 3162 Draper Header set –
Durus 60ft header –
MacDon FD75 Draper 45ft –
Case Ih3050 –
John Deere 645FD –
Agco Powerflow 50ft –

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The FarmSim Guy’s – Five of the Best Harvester Mods for Farming Simulator 19

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  1. My favorite is there, my favorite is there! The New Holland CR10.90 US! Thank you!!! and again, a brilliant video, FSG! Absolutely awesome, congrats!

  2. Thanks! And have you seen latest Fendt Ideal 10? It is very unique, because there is no griving wheel in the cab.

  3. No tribine? I literally can't harvest with anything other than the tribine, it's so fast and holds almost 6 times as much grain as any of the other ones and it unloads in about 5 seconds

  4. Great vid FSG, nice choice. I was surprised the x9 wasn't top but they're all good ( I think the x9 has the edge for the interior though😉)

  5. I'll agree 100% on the X9. SiiD Modding did an incredible job. I prefer the Custom Modding version of the 790 but tomato/tomato, right?
    The Claas looked very nice.

    The Duros header, has anyone had issues with it skipping? I had it for a bit, skipped a lot. I chalked it up to maybe not being a flex header or not great mod. I'll download your link and try it out with the X9 again. Although the wheel-less headers are less appealing to me. Hopefully, they can fix header trailers in FS22.

    Once again great video FSG

  6. Great list. Fun Fact the Midwest company is in Dalby here in Queensland where my bosses farm is located. They need these 60ft headers because they are harvesting VERY large fields of dryland wheat/barley which has relatively low yields.So you have make up quantity to make money.

  7. Hey man, have you tried a mod called "Combine XPerience"?
    Edit: The link to "Claas 780 Lexion US Version – CNH Modding" isn't working, takes me to a FB page that doesn't exist.

  8. Great video, the only one I haven't tried is the claas 780. Unfortunately the link on yes mods takes you to the facebook page which is no longer available. Did a search on google there are other 780's but not CNH's. Looks like you were lucky getting it while he was still modding.

  9. Thanks to you FSG I have some new favorites. I didn't know about a couple I mean I have heard of them but these looked amazing. Thanks for sharing this vid !

  10. For me the GD X9 is a must have for anyone using Courseplay with large headers, it allows for effective Automated unloading of combine without the head getting in the way of the AI. Due to its modable Augar pipe sizes, also who can pass up a 2x grain tank to boot

  11. Not going to argue, great list, and great map choice as well, that rolling country with fields in the background, perfect!

  12. Another great set of MODs showcased brilliantly FSG, might have to try those John Deeres out they look very good.

  13. I am currently harvesting on Griffin Indiana map with a single s680 and agro tohno headers currently and plan to upgrade to an X9

  14. Dang FSG…that sure is some big machines thank you for this…its amazing….and i do agree on your selection.


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