“THE MILLENNIAL FARMER MAP” IS BACK! Farming Simulator 19 MAP TOUR (Review) FS19.


“THE MILLENNIAL FARMER MAP” IS BACK! Farming Simulator 19 MAP TOUR (Review) FS19. PS5. Map by: . Back to Console! GIANTS Software. What do you start with on New Farmer? What do you start with in Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes? How many slots does it use? What features stand out? All these questions and more, answered with me… MrSealyp.

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  1. I was getting bored of my other maps and I wasn't really happy with the maps I downloaded and so I started this one up and I wasn't paying attention to DJ when he did his map tour or when he explained on the silo and now that I watched you I can at least start my silo, I've been sitting here for a few minutes trying to figure that out and it took YouTube to figure it out thank you Mr Sealyp.
    It is also amazing map I cannot believe I didn't download this right away.

  2. How do I get my MN cow pasture clean? I’ve ran a front loader over the whole concrete pad and got the manure that was there but still only showing cleanliness of 83% on ps4

  3. I can't figure out how to feed the cows in farm 2 there is no feeding bin anywhere any help from.anyone in that?

  4. So I'm on this map. Millennial map. I have grain to sell but lowry CHS will not key to sell. I'm on xbox. What is going on. Am I missing something?

  5. The map really isnt great and i was really looking forward to it. To be honest, i used all the placable buildings and built the yard on flatlands map, did extensive landscaping… And i feel i made a better job of it!

  6. I liked the Map more, But where do you buy machinery? Download Grains? In some Missions ask to download Os Graos la, Where in lowry Chs unload, Help me please

  7. : I'm playing on ps4 and downloaded the Millennial Farmers Map! I sold everything so I could get my slot count down as low as possible! Now the big problem I'm having is now I'm trying to buy and place animal pens! When buying and placing only two animal pens, it says I have to sell animal pens to get another! All I have so far is 1 horse pen and 1 cow pen, remember I sold everything and all pens when I first opened the map! Why can't I have all 5 animal pens now? PLEASE HELP……

  8. Started to play the map and enjoy it so far. However can't find the trigger for the grass feed for the cow pin. Anybody else have the same problem.

  9. Great map imo, except for the vehicles suddenly steering themselves! Also I can tip at the Lowry grain silos, it’s tags the shop as the sell point but when you go to the silo dump area there’s no trigger to tip? It probably me being stupid! Any help appreciated 👍🏻

  10. Thanks for reading my comments. These are always from Bob Erb, Linda’s husband. To day I turn 70…but only feel like 32😁😁😁✌️

  11. Dosnt matter slots high u can still have 3 harvesters and many tractors really enjoying it will enjoy more now watched this

  12. Also there's a secret path the shows up an let's you go to the island you have to drive around the water at a certain point a path appears

  13. So on the bins the dryer control does work, you have to do the load wet bin dump into the auger then you can go to the dryer control box an you can transfer from wet to dry but you still get the dryer animation of the dust outside. An yeah the course play mode is a PC thing only as it's a scripted mod

  14. Is this Zach the character name or the actor who plays the character…I don't watch fake reality on any screens. Unless this turns out to be one…but I doubt it. I just don't watch other people's lives that I don't know.

  15. Too gimmicky for me – It may be a real let down as was the Welker Farms map. It’s looks great but will stick to watching the actor who plays the millennial farmer.

  16. Great review MrSealyP. Not trying to hijack your comments, but I made a video showing off how to use the courseplay function on consoles if you are interested.

  17. I believe you can go over the slot…. I'm well over the slot count atm and have loads of equipment…but there must be point where it cuts off. My guess it not actually counting some of the mods as slots even though it shows.

  18. Also the entrance for the island 🏝️ is about the middle of feild 11. If you drive on edge of water a wooden bridge underwater will appear and Zach will say "Ah I see you found the entrance to my getaway island!"

  19. Yes Mr. SealyP that silo you where questioning is a separate silo you can dump into for instance if the price is going up and you don't want to sell yet and take it out drive around corner and dump when price is right!

  20. i'm glad you zoomed in on the course play symbol; course play is a PC only feature where your vehicle ie: grain truck n trailer will automatically drive from the field to the silo when the tipper is full.

  21. Giants does well in most parts of game but ground response looks CHEAP and FAKE. When it’s raining, ground still looks DRY. THERE IS NOT EVEN ANY SPLASHY PUDDLES.

  22. Course play is for pc. You can set up a course for the tractors to take the crop from the field to the bin. Course play on the bin allows it so you don't have to go turn it on every time.


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