WELCOME TO BUCKS COUNTY! Farming Simulator 19 – Episode 1


Welcome to Bucks County, PA . This a new mini series on a USA map…it’s been a while since I have played on a USA Map.

Bucks County

Case 9300

International Transtar

Hesston Big Balers

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. In America we do soybeans corn and wheat and when you have the flashers on and you put a turning signal on the way that you want to go it holds the flash on

  2. the flags are perfectly realistic, just watch Welker farms harvesting video or planting video if you want confirmation.

    this is a good one, skip to 18:30 for the American flag on a combine, and you can see the Montana flag within the first 5 seconds

  3. I'm quoting google for this although I do live in the US I live in a different state that mostly does wheat, "Modern agricultural production in Pennsylvania includes corn, wheat, oats, barley, sorghum, soybeans, tobacco, sunflowers, potatoes, and sweet potatoes."

  4. STOP CALLING IT A DAMN LORY IN AMERICA. WE DONE GOT RID OF THE BRITS BEFORE. WE CAN DO IT AGAIN. We just call them Rigs. City folk that don't know any better calls them Semis. But the proper term is Rigs. PLAIN AND SIMPLE, "RIGS".


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