Western Australia 16x Map Tour – Farming Simulator 19


Western Australia 16x is based on the original 4x version of the map, all be it on a rather large scale!

Perfect for Big equipment, courseplay and auto drive, road trains and mother bins arable farming is king here.

A Beta release, there are still some bugs and to some extent the map is not complete – no individual fields, no contracts and not seasons compatible.

Download the latest version here:

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Music – courtesy of Epidemic Sound

Waking Up to Dreamtime – Jon Bjork
Driving South – Walt Adams
Kakadu Shade – Jon Bjork

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  1. Nice map. My problem is I lose interest in every map I play. I can barely get past 2 seasons without getting bored. Griffin Indiana, Pacific Northwest, Lone Oak, Bucks County. All if them I just get bored as I'm doin literally the same thing everyday and need somthing new

  2. lol 3 hours with 2 harvesters with hired workers on the old 4X map field 2 and 3 combined never seen Cargill in Western Australia only Co- operative bulk handling just about every wheat belt town has a CBH even Perth has one in Kewdale/Forrestfield

  3. Many people think any map bigger than 4x is overkill. I like to differ. At first, if you have a american or in this case an australian map with huge fields, a 4x map quickly runs out of space and you end up cycling around one or two fields all the time. With a vast landscape like we have here you got all the space you'll ever need without ever hitting any borders

  4. Nice to see this great Map back bigger and better. The 4x was a challenge so 16x will make CP snort and grunt a bit. Like FSG I hope this map gets finished off, but I can't resist going back to an Aussie Map. Thanks Argsy for highlighting this. 👍 Keep up the great work, I'm going to start looking at your WA series now. How about a Argsy & FSG team up gameplay/challenge??? Show FSG how we do it Downunder/NZ 😉😁

  5. 1.5 million is actually a small amount of storage for owning every field lol. On flint hills i harvested 1.8 million liters of corn off just field 9. And the season after that I harvested 900k liters of beans

  6. This looks like one heck of a multi-player map. A crew of combine drivers, chaser bin drivers, & truck drivers. Great tour! 👍

  7. looks realy super, time for a good aussie map, but i will w8t for seasons and all the other extention for more reality, but thx bro for the review, will def follow this map

  8. Love the music you have with this video! I had played on this map on the 4x version. I really enjoyed it then.


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