World's LARGEST Tractor On Millennial Farmer’s Yard| Farming Simulator 19


You would not believe the size! The POWER! The excitement! Hope you all enjoy.

We are moving the the land of deep tillage, drain tile and 10,000 lakes. Minnesota where the Millennial Farmer legend lives and keeps it between the rows.

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Upload Schedule: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 3PM CST

Music used under license from Epidemic Sound

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AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
Gigabyte X570 AORUS Master ATX Motherboard
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Cool Stream Classic PE 360 CPU Cooler
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Current hardware:
Monitor: Acer Z35 35-inch NVIDIA G-Sync Display, 144Hz,
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Ram: 16GB 2TB HDD 256GB SSD
Headphones: Victrix Pro AF Gaming Noise Cancellation Headset

Multiple Mods location:

(The best truck mods!)
Custom modding links: farm equipment comes from this site)
The Mod Link:

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  2. Hey squad farms at 3:38 do you know you have a part of a tree trunk is floating left bottom of the video and left side of the Deere and wondering how long that been floating there ?🤪 great videos 👍

  3. Should have hit the horn on the big bud. Also surprised you didn't use the backup camera. Oh well next maybe on the next video.


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