This is a guide on how to use the Beet Harvest Addon mod from the ModHub.

Beet Harvest:

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  1. My sugar factory doesn’t stay turned on ☹️ how do I turn off Auto start ,I wanna take its permission to quit away

  2. Hey! Great demo of the add on. Don't think you covered it but what's the next step for Molasses converting into Biodiesel? Is this a separate mod/building required to make it?

  3. If you grow Canola too you can use it together with the molasses you produce to make Biodiesel with another mod that is available.

  4. I have a conflict with the straw harvest mod and this mod. It won’t let me sell the bagged straw harvest stuff at the sell point if I have both mods active. Any suggestions?

  5. great tutorial FC! Molasses i guess it also works with the other Pellet processors or even the pellet machine

  6. Hey farmer cop. Awesome tutorial

    Just thought I would let you know that there is a mod for Bio Diesel already on mod hub it takes methanol and canola.
    Also for these videos you may find the store delivery mod useful you can set the purchase spawn point anywhere by holding left shift, left ALT which shows you a yellow circle then by pressing S to set all new purchases will be delivered to that spot

  7. Your tutorials are so helpful, I've been watching quite a few of them! I'm pretty new to the game. Can I use this mod on an existing game, or would I have to start a new game for it? Is it very effective feeding beet pulp and feed pellets to animals or do they still require many other things?

  8. hey farmer cop there's actually few things you missed the two pallet sell points only accept product's in the pallet form (kinda like the addon straw harvest) and the big game changer of this mod for the cows the feed pellets can replace TMR which in my opinion is huge… so much less work u actually need to do

  9. great tutorial man. what a coincidence that you uploaded it today. i downloaded the mod yesterday and went to search for a tutorial today haha

  10. You have explained that very well. Thank you for taking the time to do these. Another factory 🏭 to add to the list for when I get a pc version of the game

  11. I've noticed with this mod the pellets takes the place of pig food and makes pig food act just like potatoes


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