“BIG FIELDS FARM” NEW MOD MAP! Farming Simulator 19 PS5 MAP TOUR (Review) FS19.


“BIG FIELDS FARM” NEW MOD MAP! Farming Simulator 19 PS5 MAP TOUR (Review) FS19. Map by: NinjaCurt. On Console! GIANTS Software. What do you start with on New Farmer? What do you start with in Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes? How many slots does it use? What features stand out? All these questions and more, answered with me… MrSealyp.

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  1. Hi Mr. Sealyp. I'm playing on this farm and I harvested Oats. I tried to take it to Train Station Mill and Vegetable Warehouse sell points and both sell points are not taking my harvested oats. What is wrong with the sell points?

  2. Hello again mr P,
    I know you normally say contact the modder but putting ninjacurt in a search doesn't come up with an answer,so i'm just going to ask you,
    On this map i sold all the animal pens and replace the cow yard with 500 cow unit you are using on Eureka farms, the only problem is, the game doesn't even let me access the animal pens in the menu, i've had the same issue on the welker farms map

  3. could be a nice map,but has a big glitch about the 5th day of spring .. the weather forecast just stops then it locks up during the night .. maybe its just on my xbox one,not sure .. but other maps do fine.

  4. I like the map. I started one, that I will use as a practice one. The other one will be my final version. I want to start building this up and see just what I can come up with. I love all the textures that are available to us in this map.I do wish that the roads were a better color of pavement.

  5. It doesn’t take long to save up 3million especially on that big of a map when you start harvesting contracts and sell the extra. Always good previews 👍👍

  6. I had an issue where when I paused it to look at the main map it kept giving me a “restart” and “quit game” option with the Precision farming icon and some sort of refresh icon.. idk why

  7. I like this map everything is close together, placeable factory and alfalfa, rye should be on the map maybe they might update the map??

  8. Maybe you switch to this map for your mid reviews? This would avoid the issue with seeders doing all crops etc. The shop is close to the farm area too

  9. I like the map but I have two trailers ( 1 wheat and 1 barley ) sitting on the ramp because I can't store or sell them. I harvested the fields and then sold all the equipment except the Valtra and the front loader attachment and now not able the unload the grain anywhere on the map.

  10. It’s definitely an interesting map. Especially how you can combine the fields into 4 symmetrical fields if someone truly wanted to

  11. Ill never get why people are so crazy for these 'big field' maps… to me FS is about starting with nothing and working up to get a larger farm, using the small equipment towards a goal… where is fun with starting with millions in the bank and the large expensive equipment, makes it very one dimensional and dull.

  12. Map edges very bad it's n turnoff map graphics very bad farmhouse good u can delete it and build ur own .landscaping the hole map is going to need landscaping .this map is another one off those ones we already had and still waiting for the beter one that is not coming to console.still waiting !!!!

  13. Excellent show'n'tell again, thank you MrSealyp. I like the little snippet inserts of the land you have when not having the farm and the textures – you are allowed to talk on them as well 🙂
    I see this map as being a nice starter map – very simple to progress and try out the various classes of machines. Starting out with small tractors/implements and then trading up as you move on to the bigger fields.
    Plus, it's tiny to download and if you're experienced it takes very little thought – excellent one to have on the go for when don't want to have to think too hard. (ie. when on a good bit in the audio book 😃)

  14. Might have to give this one a try I wonder if modded equipment from other maps would work on this one? Awesome videos and great info

  15. Great review. I've noticed you were using (drawbar) in previous let's plays. Did you know the (lizard frontattacher) can be used in same way with most implements, without that rubberband effect.

  16. Imagine using a vintage tractor with a 3m seeder on field 3, i bet first bit would be ready to harvest before you finished planting lol

  17. About time we got another big field map with roads big enough to transport big machinery , tired of all the small maps.
    Game should be renamed euro farm simulator

  18. Is there any reason why I'm not seeing this map or the mods that were released yesterday in the games mod hub?

    The last thing I have in the latest section is the Iveco 190-38 and the Crosetto pack.


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