Bus Simulator 21 – Setra Trailer


Four buses, one amazing German brand: Setra will return to Bus Simulator 21 as an official license partner! Take a closer look at all bus models in this trailer!

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Setra is back, baby: Within Bus Simulator 21, you will get the opportunity to get behind the wheel of 4 faithfully modeled buses of this popular German brand! Included are the Setra S 412 UL, the Setra S 416 LE Business, the Setra S 417 UL Business & the Setra S 418 LE Business!

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🚌 What you can expect from Bus Simulator 21 🚌

astragon Entertainment and stillalive Studios are working on the successor of the popular Bus Simulator 18 for PC as well as Bus Simulator on consoles. Bus Simulator 21 is coming to PC and consoles in 2021. The possibilities to make the game compatible with the upcoming generation of consoles are currently still being explored.

With Bus Simulator 21 players can be looking forward to the most comprehensive part of the popular game series to date, with an impressive number of officially licensed and faithfully modeled buses by world-famous manufacturers such as Alexander Dennis as well as numerous additional globally renowned brands, which will be revealed at a later point of time. Bus Simulator 21 will not only offer the most modern vehicle fleet but also introduce double-decker and electric buses for the first time in the history of the Bus Simulator game series!

With the help of this huge selection of buses, players can then start driving on two huge maps: next to a reworked version of the predecessor’s European based city “Seaside Valley” (including its official map extension), Bus Simulator 21 will also offer a brand-new US-American setting – the city of “Angel Shores”, which finds its inspiration in the San Francisco Bay Area. Regardless if players will make their rounds within the industrial district, the peripheral areas, downtown or lively Chinatown, along the waterside promenade, through the surrounding hills, or in the business park area – thanks to the new and even freer open-world approach of Bus Simulator 21, players can be looking forward to experiencing the exciting everyday life of a bus driver like never before!

Just like its predecessors, Bus Simulator 21 will once more offer a cooperative multiplayer mode, so that players will be able to drive the lines of their self-created route network together with friends and build-up their team’s joint public transport empire. The game’s sophisticated management systems will offer even more freedom, numerous new and expanded features, and, for the first time, the option of setting up detailed timetables for your own bus fleet. If a player prefers to simply drive instead of taking care of the micromanagement of his local transport company down to the smallest detail, the intelligent AI will of course offer pure bus driving enthusiasts the option of having the planning tasks carried out automatically by the game.

The prospective bus driver in Bus Simulator 21 is again supported by Mira Tannhauser, the beloved virtual mentor first known from Bus Simulator 18. In her unique and charming way, Mira will not only gently introduce the players to the world of public transport, but will also guide them through the numerous exciting missions of the extensive campaigns on the Seaside Valley and Angel Shores maps of the game. Next to the campaigns, Bus Simulator 21 will come with numerous random events and side tasks as well as a sandbox mode where players are free to do what they want whenever they want and develop their individual bus empire completely according to their needs. Bus lovers and simulation enthusiasts can therefore be looking forward to the most extensive bus driving experience in the history of the popular game series!

Bus Simulator 21 will be released in 2021 on PC and consoles.



  1. I have problems with a bus simulator 18 mission, because the route that I created in the campaign does not accept me and no matter how much I tried to modify it, it does not accept it, otherwise everything is fine.

  2. WOAH PS4? I'm soooo getting this if it's for PS4. Wasn't even expecting a new bus sim for consoles. This got me hyped now. Can't wait to play it.

  3. I really do hope since there is an American map that we get American buses such as New Flyer, NovaBus, Nabi and MCI buses. It can't just be European buses for a American map

  4. I don't get everyone in the comments being so excited what is it that you have changed in this game graphics look the same and the basic game looks the same so I'm not understanding why people are so excited for a game that is already out is there something that is coming to this game that you have not told the public a new feature new graphics anything like that because from all these early trailers and screenshots I have seen of this game it looks almost identical to the first one no progression whatsoever so is the game new or is it the same old game with a new bus or 2 in it

  5. Not going to Lie this Bus makes you so much money especially on Round Trip Mode easily pulls off $32K… Love the Updated Graphics as well. Much needed. Let’s hope the Pedestrians move out the way this time 😂 Got Dig dinged several times for hitting invisible Peds.

  6. Would it be So Cool when there's Livery Designer like on Train Simulator World 2 like Designing Custom Liveries?

  7. I do like that Setra is returning for Bus Simulator 21, but I really do hope you consider adding the big American Brands like Novabus, New Flyer, or even Orion, as those companies are the most seen in the U.S. and the setting of the game (San Francisco).


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