Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Updated News!!! – Teaser Trailer Breakdown


SimTheWorld here checking out the NEWLY TEASED Car Mechanic Simulator 2021!

PlayWay dropped a video of all their major titles dropping in 2021, and Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 was on that list!!! While the snippet of video (linked at the bottom) lasts only a few seconds, there is A LOT to unpack so I try to catch everything that was snuck in!

Let me know if I missed anything or if there are any feature in the new title that you’d REALLY like to see!

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  1. I wish u have to actually drive the cars to the junk yard and other stuff instead of spawn like drive the cars you restored

  2. More color options like cerakoted engine parts, need more wheels to choose from with color options. – offset deeper dish? Definitely would love more activities to do with your cars

  3. able to pain the cars from the start of the game. even tho if u send it away and pay for the painting, insted of doing it urself. fixing up a car u got from a garage and not beeing able to pain it was lame 😛

  4. I’d like to see the shop upgrades come through money not skills. But then like wrench speed and skills like that be strictly skill unlocks. Just makes sense to me.

  5. What I want from CMS 2021:
    1. There should be an edit mode where the body panels and body kits can be morphed.
    2. Wheel spacers/engine spacers.
    3. The dyno should allow for ECU and transmission tuning (keep transmission tuning from 2018).
    4. The suspension testing track should allow for suspension customization and tuning (i.e. different springs and dampers and the more expensive the greater the number of tuning options and depending on the type of suspension there will be limits, maybe 3 off-road and 3 on-road types).
    5. ECU customization (2 types of ECU stock and customizable).
    6. All/any parts can be painted.
    7. Keep engine swap options from 2018.
    8. Exhaust and intake system diameters should be editable.
    9. Customizable crank/cam shaft profiles with customizable conrods to have variable compression ratios.
    10. Custom brake caliper options and disc rotor options (2,4,6 piston calipers and disc rotor dimensions and material types and pad options) (wheel size can be a limiting factor so you can't put any size wheel on).
    11. Pulley wheel diameter options.
    12. Fueling/fluid options
    13. Repairing parts above 100% can give unique bonuses/boosts which are random (2018 had it but only from crates) like power/torque, reliability/durability, handling/grip, top speed, etc.
    14. Tyre dimensions, age and condition should have an effect on handling/performance.
    15. Wheels should have heavier/lighter weight options.
    16. Scalable engine capacity options in-game (not like 2018's edit mode).
    17. Exhaust note customization.
    18. In-game livery creator and workshop downloader.
    19. At least one multi-player map with different tracks on it and cars can be swapped at the track itself. (Rally, off-road, track, 3/4 lane 2-mile drag-strip (to test top speed)).
    20. Keep the engine tuning parts customization from 2018 but work on it.
    Extras which I would like but don't care about:
    1. Any car can be bought from a catalogue but take time to arrive but cars from a showroom/barn finds/auction house/junk yard cars arrive immediately.
    2. Parts bought online take time to arrive but parts bought at a physical store/junk yard/barn arrive immediately.
    3. Bodywork has an effect of aerodynamics (too much to ask).
    4. A DLC idea: Import parts DLC that has more performance capability very unique/better bonuses, is very expensive with in-game money and takes more time to arrive or could also be unique parts that are not available in the standard game otherwise.
    5. Another DLC idea/free DLC: Boost DLC Nitrous kit + customizable Turbo and Supercharger
    6. Body kit (could be branded) and wheel expansion (branded wheels) DLC
    7. Body kits/wheels can be made and uploaded to the workshop which can be applied to specified cars by the developer of the mod.
    8. Map editor mode with downloadable maps (like 2018).
    9. Co-op campaign/sandbox.
    10. Performance panels/kits DLC (could be free): Have similar body panels and body kits as the standard in-game panels but with the ability to select the panel material to reduce the car's weight.

  6. I would like to have more activities to do with your car, like for example you can be hired as a team mechanic or create your own team and let others race your cars in some competitions, if they manage to do something like that I would play it endlessly.

  7. Paint engine, option to buy parts that customize the cars (body kits, aftermarket suspension lowering and raising vehicles) and car auctions are with actual other players and auction off your own vehicles

  8. I LOVED the previous version so for this version I would REALLY like the option to build and drop modern motors into older cars. For example, in 2018 version I would have loved to drop the Hemi B into the older Challenger. For some of the trucks it would great to have lift kits available or air ride suspensions for some of the cars. Finally, being able to sell your restored cars at auction would be cool instead of settling for a default price. Or even customers that visit the shop because they're interested in a resto you completed. You could really run wild with ideas.

  9. deffo hoping they add various hoses to engines/bays, radiator hoses/fuel/brake lines etc, being able to buy a better location/garage would be cool aswell as upgrading the one your in, being able to build and put any engine in any car you want would be cool and finally more of those story missions or have them randomly generate, they where quite cool

  10. I would like a little bit of a storyline, or some reason make you want to carry on progression, other than that cant wait

  11. I want to see more realistic wear on the cars it’s pretty annoying to see the block and oil pan condition at 98% but for some reason the crankshaft is at 13%. It doesn’t make sense a crankshaft would no wear or break without either affecting another component, or as a result of another bad component.

  12. i would love to see a option to open up the bay doors and have a little parking lot where you could move cars in and out

  13. I always wanted this to be multiplayer at least a 2 person lobby i know it wouldn’t be much but I have a friend I grew up with fixing the farm trucks and tractors with doing it on here with him would be so awesome.


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