Farming Simulator 19 Map First Impression Wartburg

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Welcome to the small map “Wartburgkreis”, which plays in beautiful Thuringia.
In a small village called Dermbach, there are:
-a sawmill
-a biogas plant
-2 petrol stations
-a cattle trader
-a beautiful old yard
-a mine and a gravel pit.

In addition, the map has 3 fields that can be managed.
More than 13,000 trees can be felled and processed on a huge area that stretches from east to north and ends in a swamp.

Map compatible with:
-Seasons and Manure System
In winter, snow poles (snow guide posts) are placed by the municipal building yard.

I thank all modders for the objects.
Game Farming Simulator 19
Manufacturer Lizard
Category Map
Author Neroxc
Size 260.65 MB
Released 18.01.2021
Platform PC/MAC, PS4, XB1

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  1. On an unrelated subject….
    Do you happen to know if Nitrodad is working on another map? I started playing Hazzard County GA a few weeks ago (a year after its release!!!) and I can honestly say that it is light years ahead of 80%of maps that came after it! Thanks in advance

  2. This map represents the state of FS, PATHETIC. What part of "FARMING" Simulator do people NOT understand? This is NOT "forestry" simulator!! 👎👎👎👎👎 R.I.P!!

  3. About the animal trigger, the author probably messed up the items xml so that you don't purchase the buildings with the land, so you own the land but not the buildings on it, hence no triggers.


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