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The Claas CROP SENSOR is simply mounted in the front of the tractor and is therefore not vehicle-bound.
The sensor can be used to scan field areas to gain insight into soil conditions.

Working width: 18.0 m
Price: 23499 €

Recommended mods: Precision Farming DLC
Game Farming Simulator 19
Manufacturer Claas
Category Gameplay
Author Vertex Dezign
Size 4.03 MB
Released 01.02.2021
Platform PC/MAC

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  1. It shouldn't be returning soil type info like the other sampler. That's just cheating. You need a physical sample to do that, unless there's some type of ground penetrating radar, which is not what this is.

  2. Well done i thought this is what this mod would do I'm surprised none of the other uTubers picked it up btw you need to do a west Texas map tour it's a brilliant map

  3. Now this is a handy tool. Great addition to the game for testing plant health and requirements. It’s not a soil tester though, which is confusing because it provides the same results as soil testing. Hopefully in the future there are two different maps, plant health & soil composition, and everything becomes more involved. Great video FK👍🏻

  4. I have a question for you, please. I’m new to FS19 and really enjoy it. I have an issue when I go to inside view, C on keyboard, the view is stationary, I can not figure out how to be able to look, left, right, back etc. I’ve researched and
    I am stuck. Could you advise me on how to make this happen please? Thanks in advance.

  5. I expect you can use this with Courseplay to automatically scan a massive field… VERY useful! Will have to try it and check that works.
    Tried using it earlier, but didn't see how it worked. Thanks FK for the demonstration!

  6. does it only do nitrogen? what about ph levels? (should have waited till end of video. he answered my question lol) great review by the way.

  7. This single mod will get me to use precision farming again. I stopped because working with it on large fields was way too time consuming.


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