FS22 | WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR! + Teaser Trailer | Farming Simulator 22.


FS22 | WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR! + Teaser Trailer | Farming Simulator 22. GIANTS Software. A look at and chat about the information and visuals that have been released by GIANTS. What do we know? What can we tell? What might we expect? With me… MrSealyp.

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  1. The fact that it will be available for old console tells me they won´t update the engine… Sucks I hate the limited render range of "detailed" crops.
    They grey cow is called German "Braunvieh" or Swiss Brown, a pretty common breed here in Bavaria, around the Alps and Austria.

  2. Wasn't that fond of fs19, I am confident that with a break fs22 will bring the new fresh air with hopefully new in depth features to give that extra realism and just things to do in general, I can imagine it being a bit less good on current gen consoles but do hope they give next gen a decent upgrade in details(and better consistent 60fps). Let's see how it all gets handled and we could be on for an innovative future, kinda hoping for older equipment, not per say smaller, but just older tractors would be fun aswell

  3. I never played it, but it looks like a nice non-shoot-em-up game. I can envision someone getting home from work and spending their free time with this. But to be honest, as a real-life dairy farmer who runs a tractor every day among other equipment, the last thing I would want to do after a hard day's work is farm all over again. 🙂 Real farming is very tough life seven days a week all year long, as livestock have no concept of weekends, holidays or vacations.

  4. Can't wait to see what we get in game, hoping we get stuff you get on pc like you said maze plus etc and hope we get ground texture, towing like snowrunner plus I'm hoping you can strap everything down 🤞

  5. New breed of cattle seems to be brown swiss/swiss brown ("Braunvieh"), dairy cow breed from…switzerland. Hard to recognize without their bells 😉

  6. Seasons are good and all, but Giants can't seem to get the fluidity and mechanics of snow, or crop visuals. Love the game, i won't ever stop playing, but if they can't find someone who can make it more realistic regarding snow, I'll never use the seasons feature lol.

  7. I want in FS22 a better landscaping "interface". And cross platform integration for multi play. Also, the "silvery grey" one may be a Murray Grey. And the "brownish" one may be a brown swiss. But I may be totally wrong. lol

  8. I just hope it is an actual improvement over fs17 because outside of more equipment and map choices, largely due to modders, fs17 is a better game than fs19 and quite frankly in my opinion it isn't even close. I finally got tired of trying to force myself to like 19 and went back to Oakfield with seasons on 17 and have been smiling ever since. This time around for me there will be no purchasing the new edition until I am satisfied that Giants and the game have actually taken a step forward

  9. New ground physics? Chains and straps physics? Hired help improvements? Economy updates? I dont care about new textures, machinery or maps, the mod world already has you beat on that. The trees don't even make a sound when they're cut dowm for gods sake. Fix what needs to be fixed..

  10. One clue is mist in your conclusions. The logo on the cap, it could be, that they are going with just 'Farming Simulator', so not 'Farming Simulator 22'. A reasonable suggestion, because the development team suggested it, them self's with releases in the past. The stated that the wanted to go more or less the development route, like 'American Truck Simulator' and 'European Truck Simulator'. So it could be that it will be a final release, were the will only expand on in the future.

  11. I'm hoping that they give the option to purchase older equipment and give more realistic animals. Those are the biggest complaints I have on the current game

  12. the hat landing shows a real snow reaction does this mean real destroyable ground no longer just a paint mod…lets hope so

  13. I really like Farming Simulator, but FS22 better be a knock out of the park because right now I've got no intention of buying a PS5. Now if FS22 is superior to FS19 to the point that for the PS4 the system is very limited to be able to run, then I will get a PS5. There isn't anything that has caught my interest like games from the PS3 had. I think the PS3 was the best console with game selections, PS4 dropped off and nothing for PS5 has caught my attention.

  14. I just hope that when it rains the ground gets wet now. Really think that needs to happen as weather is an important part of farming.

  15. @ MrSealyp 11:25 . Will the season be turn on or off… Yes.. In the podcast it was said it is possible. It is up to the player if he/she want to play with seasons. But there did not say it was like the mod or not from Realismus

  16. You’re gonna be quids in making vids for FS19 & FS22, this new game will just be another dedicated pic game funded by console players, not this time for me, put course play, farming agency, 4x maps, Toyota hi luxe, Land Rover defender 90, before I will buy it


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