Getting the corn done! – Millennial Farmer – Episode 16 – Farming Simulator 19


We’re finishing off the soybeans in field three and getting the corn off the two smaller fields, We’ve also got some new custom trailers to check out!

Sadly the MN Millennial Farmer map now has no release date and Mappers Paradise are taking a break from the project, but hopefully, my videos will give you an opportunity to see the map and fingers crossed it will return at a later date.

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Big Drill Time – Millennial Farmer – Episode 15 – Farming Simulator 19

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  1. I downloaded course play 6.3.25 and deleted 15 and now course play wont even show up into my save game mod selector. Any idea as to what is happening?

  2. Thanks for another great FS vid. I hope this map does get resurrected by some modder in the future it's nice to have these famous real world maps in game. Thanks for keeping the dream alive.

  3. After seeing you use the self unload, I began using it myself. I use on the big fields like Flint Hills f9. I just keep moving the truck to keep it close. Just do not move the truck when the combine has looked for it. It will go to the spot the truck was at.

  4. I really want to play this map but I can not get the dry corn moved. No matter what I do, I can not get the enter vehicle to come up while in the building

  5. It’s the TLX 9000 truck mod that u need to upgrade to. You won’t regret upgrading to that truck I promise. Oh and your awesome bro, love your vids and keep up the good work my friend. You keep the game fresh enough for me to wanna keep playing on console.

  6. Their is a new semi mod on console that’s my favorite truck it’s the bomb. A flat nose. I can’t remember the name of it, I’ll tell ya later when I get on my ravens burg map


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