Grimme Pack DLC – First Look for Farming Simulator 19


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Available Jan 26 2021

00:00 – Intro
01:15 – Shop tour
12:07 – GL 32E Planter
15:16 – GL 32F Planter
17:25 – GH 2 Weeder
19:10 – GH 4 Weeder
20:31 – GH 8 Weeder
22:26 – WH 200 ECO
26:51 – WH 200 S
29:58 – WR 200 CDW
32:58 – SE 85-55
37:25 – MultiTrailer 190/350
39:21 – Potato processing and storage
41:25 – Grimme GBF sorter/palitizer & Lizard conveyor loader
48:22 – PS 511 belt
53:40 – Conclusion

Ready for professional potato harvesting? Team FSI Modding, winner of the Farming Simulator Mod Contest Special Award, adds a total of 14 new machines to Farming Simulator 19 with this Third-Party DLC. 13 authentic and top-class machines from GRIMME as well as an additional Lizard tool allow you to expertly harvest potatoes including windrowing potato swaths directly on the field.

Control weeds with 8-rows of mechanical power and climb into the GRIMME GH-8 for tillage, plant potatoes with the GRIMME GL 32 F for professional potato cultivation and harvest them with the GRIMME WH 200 S row planter. These and many other machines and tools make it easier for you to specialize in potato cultivation.

Complete list of items below.

GRIMME GH 2 – Weeder
GRIMME GH 4 – Weeder
GRIMME GH 8 – Weeder
GRIMME GL 32 E – Potato Planter
GRIMME GL 32 F – Potato Planter
GRIMME WH 200 Eco – Potato Harvester
GRIMME WH 200 S – Potato Harvester
GRIMME WR 200 CDW – Potato Harvester
GRIMME SE 85-55 – Potato Harvester
GRIMME GBF- Transport Belt
GRIMME PS 511 – Transport Belt
GRIMME MultiTrailer 190 – Trailer
GRIMME MultiTrailer 350 – Trailer
Lizard Conveyor Belt – Receiving Hopper

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  1. Older in game and modded Potato implements are not compatible with the new DLC technique of dumping the potatoes on the ground – to the point where this DLC feels like it was developed in its own game and ported to FS 19 because there are so many disconnects. Basically Giant's new narrative to the PC community – 'we are hanging up on you'.

  2. Great video! This is nice equipment, but honestly I don't see me using more than 1-2 pieces of it. The reality is, that you're getting cheaper prices to start working potatoes, but you're paying for it with added time to from planting to selling. The in game all in one system, while pricey, does pretty much everything this equipment does except planting. So I will be getting the planter / fertilizer, the trailers for different uses, and pair it all with the big all in one. That's just me, you (meaning the reader) do you. This equipment looks fantastic! The animations are outstanding.

    My only question is this; do you get a better sale price for running the potatoes through that sorter? If so, it would justify having the sorter and a good forklift / wheel loader to load your pallets on to a flatbed. If not it looks cool, but just adding an extra step in the process of planting to selling.

  3. So if you use a hired worker on the CDW windrower every 5th potato row (the one underneath the potatoe swath) will not get digged out and you'll have a 20% loss on your yield if you don't collect that manually, which means double harvesting and double collecting the whole field – I don't think this piece gets used a lot. As well as the collector with the redicolously tiny capacity of only 6.000L!!! Why should one use this all? Only if the person is a potatoe freak and likes to do way more work than needed. I don't get the point of this whole DLC, really. The ingame Grimme harvester – allthough it also has the smallest available capacity of all the Grimme harvesters will still be at least double as fast as one of these windrow thingies used together with that collector. The one and only scenario where these potatoe windrowers really do make sence is if you were to collect the tatties with the milling machine and a reasonable capacity trailer. I really was hoping that this DLC finally would bring the 'big' capacity harvester from Grimme: the Ventor 4150 Though it also 'only' does 4 rows like the Varitron, with 15 tons capacity it has more than double the amount of the 7 ton Varitron!

  4. Well thank you for showing us this DLC before it comes out the one thing you didn't cover if the expensive harvester works with the grime palette maker I would have liked to see if that one worked with it I'm pretty sure it does but it would have been cool no biggie cuz you do you did a good job so looking forward to your next video thank you for taking the time

  5. Please, subtitles in Spanish, it is not difficult, and you will quickly obtain 500,000 Spanish-speaking subcristors, as I am from Argentina, just promote that it is subtitled in Spanish in the description of your videos, I love this channel, I wish you good luck !!!

  6. Well, the price on this stuff makes potatoes worth getting into on something less than a massive scale. Glad it’s coming with the season pass, that’s good news also. Thanks for the sneak peak! 👍

  7. interesting set of equipment. Personally I think it's going to make a long job of harvesting potatoes even longer noticing all the different units you need to run. About the only pieces I think I would use is the drivable belt if it worked for getting silage off the ground and up to the raised sell points at certain BGA plants. The trailers look very interesting but the low capacity makes them kinda useless on the bigger fields. as far as collecting the potatoes off the ground I would download a nedal rake to swath them into a bigger pile then scoop them up with a milling machine (I'm not eating these potatoes, they are virtual crops!) it would be much faster and easier to fill a much larger capacity trailer to haul them off to market or the pallet maker which looks to be more of a pain then it's worth (my opinion,, I've driven lift trucks for 20+ years and the ones on this game just don't come close to any resemblance of reality what so ever. So using a fork lift to grab the crates from the tight areas given to get them out from the palletizer not happening!)
    All in all I really like the fact that they are continuing to bring out interesting things for us to enjoy if you use them, I seriously hope that those who purchase this DLC have many hours of entertainment for their money spent, and I really enjoy how informative your reviews are and how clear you speak about the items you present.
    Great work Farmer Klein!

  8. I personally find it a bit strange that we have to pay for brand based marketing like this, even if it is only a minute amount for a load of machinery (34 cents/item). If this type of marketing is viable enough for Horsch and Holmer to do for free, it should be for Grimme, Kuhn, Vicon, etc.
    Especially in times in which they can't throw marketing material at the young generation, like hats and posters on trade shows, providing another platform for outreach to the next generation of their customer base should be worth a lot to them.
    They should pay Giants for providing the platform (just like they pay the show for the stand) and pay the modding team for making the mods (just like they pay the marketing company for the hats and posters). We already paid our ticket to the show by buying access to the platform (the game) they want to do their marketing on.

  9. Congratulations Farmer Klein, its about time Giants started giving pre release content to a sensible mod/map reviewer (even though there at least a year late). Well done Sir.
    As always great video, thanks.

  10. Great video cool little mods always good to have a break from larger equipment ps you should of ran narrow tyres on the tractors

  11. Thankfully some potatoes mods coming,the washer and sorter have already made spuds,a little more fun,this will make spuds and beets beyond other cash crops,thx for showing this

  12. Thank you! I'm really looking forward to this DLC. The diggers remind me of when we used to pick them up by hand! Back breaking…

  13. For Harvesting Potatoes I’ve always used the Holmer and Ropas from the base game, nothing about the harvesters in this DLC is going to make me switch. They are all too small at 1.5m. Getting them would be a huge downgrade to me.

  14. It looks good but I was hoping for some bigger kit I have a $$ field on no man's land but it's all too small the sorters look interesting tho


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