Welcome back to the Survival Challenge! We are starting with no money in the bank account. We have a small 23hp tractor and a small car trailer. How far can we go?

Map –

Ferguson –

Trailer –

Cultivator –

Seed Drill


Kuhn FA 367

John Deere Drill


Basic Pastures

Marston trailer

Manure trading

Potato Sack



Kaercher HDS690


JCB Workmax

Used machinery shop


Bressel and Lade High Tip

Linde Forklift

Fiat 180


John Deere HX20


John Deere Combine

5 Round Bales Trailer

BDP 6.3

4D Modding Slurry Tank

Potato Collector

This is not survival roleplay it’s a new series
Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. You might have solved the issue by now, but the conflicting mod that prevents vehicle customization is the used vehicle mod

  2. When he said that “virtual Daggerwin” was still in the house I started freaking out inside my head since he broke the fourth wall!!

  3. Dude I think the person who gifted you 15 must hate you. 15 was pretty bad since that was the version where they started implementing a lot of changes. They could have at least gifted you 17 which was a bit more refined

  4. I have run into a weird problem with the potato washer, for some reason, it won't unload into either a bucket or trailer. Everything else works as intended. Any suggestions as to why and how to fix it?
    I'm using Global Company version 1.7.1 and version potato washer version 1.0.0 both off ingame modhub.

  5. I dont think you should refund 5k from the potato washer. The 5k will simulate the amount of damage to be repaired, from when you and the worker wrecked into each other during the time-lapse. We saw that Daggerwin!

  6. If u have a load of potatoes why can't you pick up the spilled food and put it in ur trailer with the potatoes

  7. How about converting the little field opposite the yard for the shed. Depending on the size of shed you could still have enough left for potatoes. Then save up for buying the next plot to that for expanding the field.

  8. Lol helper A cannot figure out how to pull a trailer next to the harvester.. 🤦 I would have given up long ago and just hitched the harvester to the trailer like you mentioned 😂 I do appreciate the effort, and the overall challenge. I've enjoyed watching since the first episode 😊

  9. I think if you fill up as much potato in the pig trough as you can before you add the pig food then the pig food will go towards the other food types completely. More bang for your buck.

  10. My Grimme update on pre order and already have the download link but not tried it, maybe nothing there till next week.

  11. Theres a really old wheel loader on mod hub it's lizard un 053 wheel loader or maybe one of the older jcb telehandlers👌👍

  12. there is no sell point for logs in this map. but mod hub has your back with this guy "Small Wood Selling Station" take a look at it sir.


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