SIX ASHES #21 / TRIALLING TIMES! / Farming Simulator 19 PS4 Let's Play FS19.


SIX ASHES #21 / TRIALLING TIMES / Farming Simulator 19 PS4 Let’s Play FS19. Map by: GBModding. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. Offer accepted and contracts exchanged, I begin some snow clearing at C.J. Farms. The preparations for the inaugural SALROC RTV Trials are well under way. Trialling and Chickens are the order of the day for Day 5 of Winter.

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  1. Hey not to be picky but I did notice with your Land Rover you are going to the left side to get in when it is on the right. LOL!

  2. Hi MrSealyP, throughly enjoyed that trialling (shame about the logs). It had me grinning ear to ear too! Thank you for reminding me about Kickstart too, I absolutely loved watching that. (Will be watching those later ! 😁👍)

  3. I like all your videos but HAD to comment on this one because it just made me smile so much. Got nothing to say really, other than awesome!

  4. Hello Paul….on this episode. The obstacles course. Is it already on the map. Or do you have to set it up yourself please…..?

  5. Love the trials. So inventive. With the feed, you bought the farm in full. It was a working farm. They’ve left what they haven’t used. It’s yours, you bought it.

  6. Sorry can't take this video seriously with the amount of bum hole being mentioned lmfao! Great work mate. Always put a smile on my face

  7. as soon as you said Kickstart guess what name sprang to mind 👍😂
    The good old day’s of youth 😂
    I think the snow compressed down on your test run, great idea I may have to pinch it 👌

  8. Also there is a huge bomb hole in the park where I lived as a kid, we spent loads of time in there on our bikes using it like a muddy half pipe haha.

  9. You should of saved the course as a multiplayer map and got sealyeg and your nephew and Brother involved as a one off episode, I get the whole multiplayer thing it’s not for everyone, but if you stick to a few family members could be a laugh,p.s brilliant episode goes to show what us console players can do without the abilities of pc well done 👍👍🚜🚜🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  10. The amount of time you put into this, preparing the track, driving all vehicles, making pictures, can only be described by one word: Sealy! You are amazing in storytelling, creative and informative at the same time. Makes you unique in the farming simulator gaming community, always interesting to watch.

  11. How good is that santana 88 ( land rover) , what an amazing addition . I spent an hour driving around in it ! Here in the republic of Ireland they were rare when i was growing up but 1 neighbour had one and we all thought it looked so exotic and amazing compared to the renaults , datsuns and Volkswagens . Great vid again , loved the obstacle course 👍🤣

  12. Yeah, Thats a pretty common thing in the US, the slip. The new Bronco has a special mode to do it from what I have heard. My wife just put a deposit on her new Bronco and has been assured she will have the first in our area. I'm going in the morning to look into the new LR Defender. I'm going to lose a ton of room and capability but my needs are changing, Currently I daily Drive a 2018 Ford Raptor, which I love. My fear is that I'll hate the LR because i'm used to powering my way through where the LR is more about finesse. I have owned an H1, a H2T and 2 different Raptors. Prior to the current one I was looking into a LR SVR but decided the pickup was more practical and got better mileage. Here in the US mileage matters because I go on Weekly 250mi trips to Disney or to Atlanta. I also go on a yearly trip to hunt thats roughly 3,000 miles each way. I have owned a Discovery that I used purely for hunting and support for my daughters to take part in cross country mock fox hunts and used it on a cattle drive as Medic support for riders. We do cattle drives here to preserve the history and its basically a moving camping trip on horseback with 2,000 cows that you have to keep together. So as far as NEEDING a 4wd vehicle, I'm pretty sure that between that and weekly Kayak trips I qualify as NEEDING it. Now the 200 or so that I pass on a daily basis that never leave the asphalt, they mostly don't. BTW, I started using the CLAAS center cab tractors and love them, thanks for drawing attention to them.
    try taking the logs 1 tire at a time at an angle.

  13. I've just bought a "Landrover" for Stone Valley Cop, that yanks 😉 Don't worry yanks just pulling your collective leg. If there's anyone I like stirring up more than yanks, it's poms, ….. or New Zealanders.

  14. That's one dark bum hole. You're going to need a flashlight and 4 wheel drive for that hole. If you would've planted corn around the hole…… 🤔🤔🤔🤭🤭🤭🤫🤫🤫

  15. The trials were brilliant, have been truly enjoying this series, kinda curious how far you will take it, wait til fall your going to be quite busy.

  16. That was a great episode I love the Land Rovers too. On Northern coast I'm actually driving to everywhere instead of flicking through all the tractors just so I can drive the Land Rover lol.

  17. Oh what a corker of an episode, MrSealyP!! As soon as you showed us the trailer with the bales and said it reminded you of something I said "that's right out of Kickstart that is!" and sure enough that's what you said a moment later!

    That was one of my favourite shows growing up, haven't thought about it in ages! I could hear you grinning as you were talking just as much as I was watching!

    Nice one mate!

  18. laughing so hard the way your so excited about the land rover the giddy glee in your voice as your talking about the groups of owners who would run courses and what pops into my head gary glitter singing my gang and seeing a group of land rovers in a group tearing through a farm and the farmer shaking his fist yelling about those hooligan land rover whipper snappers if i could only put that on film oh my i could just see monty python doing a skit just like it . wonderful to see ya enjoying yourself 🙂 we need all the joy we can find in todays world i tell ya what

  19. Mr SP, well what can I say about the Land rover course! Wicked!
    BOMB HOLE it is. Not what it sounds like!
    You like a big kid 😆

  20. I really enjoyed this episode. The trialing was an excellent idea and a nice change of pace from winter logging and farming in general. I think it would be neat to see you do some trialing in some other areas come next winter.

  21. Great video and this is a brilliant series, loving every minute of it. Thank you for all the hard work you do off video to make it so entertaining 😀

  22. This episode was simply genius! Think people forget sometimes (myself included) that MrSealyp is a console gamer & doesn't have some of the tricks & background options that PC players have.
    Today's episode with the land rover was so well put together, top marks!

  23. Finally got the chance to watch, mad day. Great episode as always. That landrover was made for you so to speak. Joy to see you using it.


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