Starting With No Money, Equipment Or Land – Ravensberg #1 Farming Simulator 19 Timelapse


FS19 Starting with no equipment, money or land is the first episode in the Ravensberg timelapse series. We start off having arrived in the area with no money, equipment or land. We head to the local store to see if we can find work to earn some money. We do a few contracts and earn enough to buy some land to call home so we can start to build our own farm.

Ravensberg by TopAce888 can be downloaded on the official Farming simulator Modhub:

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▶ 1. 00:00 Daxten, Wai: Fall into place

▶ 2. 03:20 Waykap feat. Emmi: Leaving at midnight

▶ 3. 06:40 Mindme feat. Mia Pfirrman: If I change (Gribbe remix)

▶ 4. 09:55 Daxten feat. Cleo Kelley: Feel the pressure

▶ 5. 13:13 Hallman feat. Tape Machines: Turn this ship around

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  1. How did you start out with no money though? How is that an option. I have not played this game in a long time and you have made me want to download the game again. Thanks.

  2. I`ve got questions : – How is it that when you accept seeding/planting/spraying you get the seeds/fertilizer with the equipment and you dont have to buy them? around 11:20 you are using that sprayer without using any fertiliser or money (the autobuy option). Maybe you could post a modlink for us please?

  3. Do you prepering stuff earlier for contracts? Stuff waiting on somebody land look cool.
    I'm waiting for series progress, and now you have me sub 👌good work and i like yours work🤙

  4. Did you place the contract machinery around or does this map actually spawn the equipment other places than the store? I missed how 17 spawned the stuff at the fields

  5. So just curious where seed is coming from for the contracts. You using dev controls to give it or something? 8:40 1% canola in seeder, $23,533 cash. Fade cut at 8:41, 6% canola in seeder, still have $23533 cash.
    *Edit – Afterthought….I'm probably just a dork. Now that I think back it easily could have simply been a previously purchased pallet you just went back to and filled up. Anywho….awesome vid as usual. You've inspired me to give seasons a try for the first time too.

  6. Yup – this is going to be a good series. SiM, you play you…dont listen to us who complain about other maps, i appologize if my comment caused misdirection..that was not my intention. We all agree…that we love to see You…do what you well, and sometimes these Maps – arent right for You and your game style is all. Dude..when your free to design, and work, and create…some artistic form of farming arises from your landscaping skill and its captivated the world SIM. so no Sir…im sorry for intruding.

  7. You probably know this but the forestry area on that map is quite profitable if you want to use it edit: I’m an idiot


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