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  1. Been playing this map a while. Had to delete those 2 sheds though really dropped my frame rate. Pity as they are nice sheds. . Do think the cow pastures are a bit small capacity wise . Oh and I play it as a case only map. Oops.. . My field 9 miraculous changed to corn . Cough F11 cough.

  2. Hey RD haven't watch ya in a while but trying to get back into watching a few more of my Favorite utubers. but here's a fyi for ya the Ford 8000 is no where near the same as the TW35., a 190hp is no where the same as 110. The Ford TW 35 compares to the John Deere 4850 in era and HP. I'm a die hard John Deere guy but grew up as a kid around Fords and wish there were more in FS and seems most of the Ford mods I find are junk either to much European crap on them or if I find one that's decent I've found they are scaled smaller then everything else! And as you were saying a few episodes ago on Medicine Creek series I get way annoyed with all the "crap" mods we get and I'm trying to fix mods more than playing it seems. Amazes me how many new mods coming out and even from the big boy's like JHHG,SiiD, ect. that don't put friction on their tires, and still using just the front tires as the drive nodes. anyway enough of that little rant but I totally understand what you are saying about mods.
    Wow you are loosing a lot of money by not harvesting the potatoes and sugar beets, (yes I hate both in the game myself) but hello, LEASE the equipment for the first round so you don't loose all that practically free money!!!!
    As far as my suggestion for your new map series get a POWER WASHER and actually wash your equipment for gosh sake. lol anyhow keep up the good vids.

  3. On my first year on flint hills I used 2 jd s790 with the biggest jd headers on field 4 and 10 they have 3.5 hours on it first harvest so far. I did have a jd x9 on demo which had 5.4 hours on it as is did 5 and 11 aswell.

  4. Maby the reason why its so low is bc it has weights inside the tire that why it's sitting low or maby the modder created it like that

  5. The low yields with PF on Medicine Creek isn't an issue, the developer intentionally made it that way because Medicine Creek is supposed to be the realistic map price and yield wise

  6. hey rd here tractors I want to see here is there mod link, and also I was using your jd bale and making straw bales and they are very heavy I do not know why they are but they are all the others bale types are fine it just the straw bales and i have to use a wheel loader to pick them up

  7. When ever I download mrgs maps (marxville, elkader, farmersburg, etc) it sets standards round bale size to 1.8 even when on other maps do you know how to fix this

  8. The thing about this game that makes me mad it the biggest field in the game is ALWAYS planted with potatoes or sugar beets on American maps I wish there was an option to disable certain crops

  9. Great video as always Randy! Keep up the great work! I figured you would go with the Flint Hills map by JS Mapping since the Marxville, Wisconsin map by MRG Mapping is still a WIP. The Ford TW25 and TW35 tractors I sent you actually appear in the large tractor category. Not sure why the mod author put them in that category, but that's where they are located and these should not have any errors. I have seen a couple Ford TW35 tractors working the fields in Amish county here in Ohio. I have seen a Ford 4000 tractor listed for sale there as well, so these old Ford tractors are still out there.

  10. I am playing on this map as well and it’s awesome. There are animals I know I have cows that are by f19at the farm and there are several other open cow pens on different areas or farm places on this map maybe isn’t showing up because you don’t own that farm. Had the same thing of them not showing on the map


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