THEY RELEASED A DEMO! | Car Mechanic Simulator 2021


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What do I use to create and edit videos?
Obs for recording and adobe premiere pro for editing.
My Custom Computer- Built myself
Cpu Cooler-
Graphics Card-
Power Supply-
2Tb HDD-
Samsung Evo SSD-
Monitors- &



  1. I don’t think that the warehouse is about how your going to get your parts but where you store them like in the original

  2. 2 omg features : Shopping list as items * number you need… and you can search the store from your shopping list 🥰😍

  3. Omg im sold gunna buy a gamin laptop just to play this omg would be so cool to make a town andshit too like farm simulater

  4. Dude, that was EPIC! It is one step further than CMS18. The graphics like you said our awesome. Keep up the great work!

  5. Man I cant wait for this game, I didn't buy the 2018 game til this past christmas on the ps store, I bought it cause of the 70 cuda on the cover of the game only to find out it wasn't even in the game I was so disappointed because I owned one and thought it would be cool to work on one. I made 40 million in my first 2 months playing due to being in lock down and being disabled.then to find out the pc version had more in it like steam which I never heard of till I watched your videos which I watched alot to learn the basics of the game, I hope there is a good selection of cars in the new one,from what I seen in this video IM super excited to get this when it comes out, I might buy both pc & ps4 or ps5 games depending cause I have severe back problems and it is better for me to sit in my recliner over my pc chair, any idea when this will come out.


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