Part 2 of our series looking at the most requested features of the next Farming Simulator game, Farming Simulator 22,. This is the first video in the series, be sure to check out the other videos when they go live and add your requests in the comments below!

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  1. Don't forget this is the second video in this series, we've got more than a few other things still to add to this list so be sure to add your thoughts below on what you'd like to see added to the next Farm Sim game! Also be sure to check out the first video here!

  2. DEF "diesel exhaust fuel" and service station pumps and purchase in large bulk somewhere on the map. Along with realistic pricing.

  3. Online marketplace for 2nd hand tractors and such. Don't ask for too much though. People are disappointed a lot by new games. Just ask for better physics and general updates. This list is kinda nice.

  4. Australia map/content! Australian machinery like tractors/combine seeders and such. A big West Australia map with big paddocks and integrated sheep/cattle systems like our farms would be cool

  5. With improved workers, I also think that they could make like a tiered system of worker. Like if you're willing to pay more for the more experienced workers, it'll cost a little more. Or maybe certain hired hands specialize in cultivating, so that task costs less. So almost like a hiring system where you can hire an all around person, or a few people who specialize and pay a daily salary. Edit: had I waited until the next one, I see you have the same kind of thought process!

  6. Why not a Saskatchewan map? It’s literally got live 5 people living There and there all farmers😂😂😂

  7. I wish you can buy vehicle but you like paying every day 1000$ for it to the time when you reach prize of that vehicle

  8. I would like to see futures sales contract where its like a harvest contract but off your own field. Just like real life you have to sell x number of bushels, litres or tonnes to a sell point at a fixed price which might be higher and usually has a front end bonus

  9. The top complaint about FarmSim: vehicles getting stuck. Request for next game: also getting stuck in mud….NOOOOOO! If Force Rollover didn't exist I would have stopped playing a long time ago.

    The herding thing is a good one; it's stupid that you need a horse trailer to move a horse 2 meters to another stable.


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