A Guide to Horses in Farming Simulator 19!!


Everything you need to know when it comes to setting up, caring for, feeding, and selling horses in Farming Simulator 19!!

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  1. I just got fs19 the other day, first time playing fs. I took your advice and started new farm start on the first map, ended up restarting 4 or 5 times before I got the hang of it. With the 100k I started with I leased some equipment, bought a few things, got a horse paddock and the necessary stuff to feed and water them, and bought 2 horses to start out. After selling some outbuildings I've got like 17k left, hoping I can start turning a profit in the next few days, im loving it already! Thanks for the tips!! Definitely got a new subscriber in me

  2. i liked your video because it helped me alot and i have always liked farming.
    i play on consile but do you know why the mods for pc are not ps4.

  3. 300 dollars a day is a good balance for that mod! I ad a mod installed I think which had it at free….now that's cheaty!

  4. Another very good video. I've noticed in your videos you're heavily dependent on mods. Many of us newcomers to FS19 haven't learned about mods , how to use them, or how to find a specific mod or two need help in that aspect. Using as many mods as you do seems to defeat the purpose of the game of a challenge (think I put that right).

  5. When I 1st started playing, without cheating/GC mod, I would buy 2 of each kind of horse and ride them the limit for the day before 1130p. With only 2 of each kind its less confusing trying to remember which you've rode and haven't rode. Works whether you use the 8 or 16 paddock as well of course there are only 8 kinds so one of each would also suffice. 🙂 Insane money 5k to by rti is 400k

  6. If I am running seasons the horses cost $0 and when I want to sell them there's your dollars and I cannot get their training bar up why can't I

  7. hi I just want to ask the map you are playing on is all the cement there from the beginning or have you made it yourself and is there a map that is almost completely flat

  8. Hi FC. Some extra content, you can only clean the horses in the yard, but if they are all the same "breed" , you will be running around trying to find the "dirty" one ( I always got one of each so I knew which one to clean). Seasons changes it so you actually only take the horses in on agistment and never actually own them. If you don't want Global company, there is an older horse helper mod available but you can't run both. The map USA Legend has a glitch where you could ride the horses but could not put them back in the yard so they were permanently in your vehicle roster (can't sell them as they are "in use"). This is the only map I have struck this problem. Thank you for the video and as always, very well explained.

  9. You may want to do a little google research into what console controls correspond to PC keyboard commands in your guides, or add "A PC guide to…" or "for PC" on your guide titles.


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