Alpine Farming Let's Play Episode 21 | Farming Simulator 19 | Chore Log


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Alpine Farming Let’s Play Episode 21 | Farming Simulator 19 | Chore Log

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  1. I really enjoy your videos brother but I definitely understand why you haven't put as much out lately. Real life comes first and I think most of us understand that so take care of real life and we will be here 🙏🏻 god bless brother

  2. I kept internally screaming when I was watching you load the second trailer with canola first 🙂 Especially when you said that you're not sure if you're going to fill them both up. The voice inside me was like "you're supposed to load the first trailer first! If you're pulling two trailers, the second one should not be heavier than the first one!" 🙂

    And I totally understand you about the house. My father died in July last year and my mom moved in with my brother because she didn't want to live alone and I spent nearly 6 months clearing the house of 40 years worth of stuff (house had a huuuge basement and a workshop). And I too gave away a lot of stuff that I could've sold but there was too much of it to photograph, describe, estimate its value and sell each item.

    And I also know the feeling of not being able to enter the premises on which you grew up. I still go to my old house every monday to check the mailbox and just yesterday I saw that the new owner has been making changes to the front garden and I wanted to check on the back yard and I realised, that I couldn't do that anymore. It was my place in the world for so long and now it's somebody else's 🙂

  3. I believe you mean nearby Liechtenstein (wedged in between Austria and Switzerland) because Andorra is a long way away (wedged between France and Spain)?
    Loving your content, been binging this series recently. Sorry to hear about the passing of your mom. We understand you don't have the time to put out as much content at the moment but there are more important things at the moment.


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