Bus Simulator 21 – Release date and a brief recap!


We finally have the release date for Bus Simulator 21, now let’s take a brief look back over some of the features you can expect in the game.
A couple of Bus Sim 21 videos for you:
Here I made a ‘musical journey’ video
Here is an early look at Bus Sim 21

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  1. Are you excited to finally have the release date for Bus Simulator 21? What part of the game are you most looking forward too? Have a great day and thanks for watching.

  2. I am getting it ps4 game disc to play on my ps5 & I own a xbox series s I will buy game for that as well sometimes I take my xbox series s with me for going away at some weekends the xbox series s is handly

  3. Any word on fixing the bug that keeps the passenger standing on the front door and no option to ask it to move?

  4. Thanks for the video of recap
    For my part i already pre ordered it,
    And cant wait for play when it will be out 🙂 .
    The fact that the 18 map that i like really much will be there, it gives me great ideas of lines i will do, with hope that both cities are linked.
    Then, i am sure that i will pass hours of a relax bus driving like i do with the 18.

  5. I’m gonna hear this aren’t I: “Did you hear about the new season of Winter Of Passion?”

    “oh no I didn’t don’t spoil it!”

  6. Since on the road been sort of a muddle since release cant wait for this game yeast have a decent game to play on the xbox one s hopefully

  7. I’m honestly looking forward to driving the double decker and electric buses. And if they’re adding ca.30 buses in the base game, it’ll be interesting to see what DLCs they come out with.

  8. Really looking forward to the new map. After the shit show of On The Road im quite confident this will be a much better optimised experience. The first bus sim was very good on the consoles, apart from the buggy peds at least.

  9. Cant wait for this game to come out i own 18 but this looks even better. Shame they can't do a trucking game than the ones who produce the awful on the road game.

    Glad to hear you can just be a driver and pop on other buses to

  10. This looks awesome, can't wait to get on that double-Decker! Also improved AI is much needed, so many rides on Bus Sim 18 ruined by knobhead pedestrians and dosey drivers (too much like real life 😁)

  11. I'm looking forward to auto management so with that all we have to do is drive busses and we don't have to plan routes? Are u going to play the demo again Jason and thanks so much for the update your doing a great job keep up the good work mate

  12. I’m Liking the new graphics in the Bus and the background can’t wait to play bus simulator 21 on Disc on PS4 game

  13. Hi can not wait for this game you Will test the playtest on may 14 and olso i hope the game Will have elot of update in the future but Bus simulator 18 is abandoned i hope also that bus simulator 21 will be not abandoned


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