BUYING A NEW TRACTOR AND MOWER SET UP – Farming Simulator 22 FS22 Elmcreek Ep 83


Spending big today with a brand new tractor and mower set up and trading in one of our old tractors.
Get Farming Simulator 22 Here:

Music List:
1: When We Move – Far Orange
2: When Words Die – Siine
3: When You’ve Found Home – RIL SMRT
4: Where Are You Now (Elphick Remix) – Loving Caliber

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

Mod List:
GPS Guidance Steering –

Cultivator Field Creator –

Collect Straw At Missions –

Rolland Pack –

Free Landscaping Tools –



  1. Get er done son! Good choice on the tractor, great rig. Even better mower selection, I like it better than the BigM, just wish I could lift/ lower and turn them on/off with one action like you can with the BigM.

    Keep on keepin on my friend!

  2. Hwy Chainsaw100 i just found you account, i like content you make so i subscibed.I wish i could play fs22 but i dont have money dor that my family is not rich. So i play fs20 on mobile witch is not fun. Keep up the good work!

  3. Sad to see the Deutz go, I was hoping to see how many hours you would’ve had at the of the series since it was at 71. It did you well.

  4. Gets new tractor. Sets cruise for 32 tractor goes 33. Spends tons of money to get new tractor but ends episode only 100k less. Excellent Chainsaw.

  5. You should invest and get a clothes factory and turn fabric into clothing you might get increase in money and keep up the good work love the series so for 👍


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