Watch Chainsaw’s farm –
Welcome back to COMPETITIVE MULTIPLAYER on Farming Simulator 19
The idea is we start of with exactly the same amount of money, land and machinery. The first person to clearly own most of the map wins. This is a longer running series.

The map is ‘The Northern Coast’ by Greenbale

Massey Ferguson 6600 Pack

Rolland Pack

Heavy Rolls


Music and SFX by Epidemic Sound

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  1. Guys i need help😭😭my mom needs a urgent back surgery😭😭the doctors say she needs to get it done asap otherwise she will be no more💔I know that this is too much to ask from the community but please guys I'm desperate and I'll do anything just so my mom lives💔 surgery costs around 30000 rands💔 please anyone who is willing to chip in 1 south African rand or more is welcome to do so🙏

  2. I would love for you to get more people involved in this, maybe starting with £250k but no fields and work as contractors for you and chainsaw and lease machines from you.

  3. Great series dag. Also probably obvious but if you're ever need any more storage space, just put it in the field that came with the farm.😃

  4. I think the reason that people still see it pixelated is because they have their quality at auto, and it drops when the internet does, or the video moves fast.

  5. Maybe extend your yard a little bit so you have a little wiggle room. Field 41 is big enough. Even maybe space for a pit.
    Vids are great! Personally im more of a benchwatcher so i always wait untill the series are a bit ongoing.

  6. Changes I would make for a possible second series of this:
    . Change the map. Nothing wrong with this one, but something very different would be nice. Like a Polish map, or something eastern european. You know, one of those with loads and loads of tiny fields packed together.
    . Maybe use only vehicles and implements that are ingame and DLC, no other mods. I'm guessing that both of you have all the DLCs, so there's plenty och machinery to chose from.
    . No Leasing. If you want/ need something, you have to commit to it, take the economic plunge and hope it's worth it, instead of leasing something and using it for 10 minutes and returning it.
    . Both of you start out with small, basic equipment. Like a under 100hp tractor, a 3 meter cultivator, a small trailer and combine. I think you get my point. Would work well on a map with only small fields. But if you'd want a 300hp tractor and a cultivator that does and entire field in two passes, sure you can, but you'd have to work to get the money for it, instead of just leasing it.

    I think that would make for quite an interesting series, something different. But I'm probably in a minority among your viewers about that.

  7. Love this series also the darker shade of yellow almost orange is the best time to harvest because its I think a 30٪ yield increase from a bright yellow

  8. Hey daggerwin I live on the sheep farm northern coast on ps4 I have like 150 sheep
    It is a great farm good choice my favourite YouTuber


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