Claas Farm and Brewery Episode 21 | Farming Simulator 19 | Platinum Expansion Claas Pack DLC


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Claas Farm and Brewery Episode 21 | Farming Simulator 19 | Platinum Expansion Claas Pack DLC

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  1. Whenever you were driving the forklift past the grain silo i busted out laughing because of you suddenly talking like the karate person from that one movie LOL.

  2. I've been watching the series recently but can't be sure what mods you're using. Obviously, Kvernland, and Platinum edition, what other mods are necessary to mimic this setup? I love the "start to finish production" simulation you have going on here

  3. There is a "drone" you can use for weeding, and it's pretty good, it's under fertilizer technology on modub and is called "Agricultural Drone". But with seasons if I'm worrying about weeds I usually spray the whole field after first stage growth.

  4. Real world you let things grow at first – weeds will happen. You wait until the crop is well established, then herbicide for the weeds. This forces the weeds to restart and they are then competing for light and nutrients against a well established crop, so they're less of a problem.

  5. More weed information:
    – weeders with workers and seasons don't work, the worker requires 100% weed coverage to work.
    – herbicide prevents weeds until the next harvest is complete, but you need to fit the chemical application of herbicide between the other chemical applications of fertilizer (manure, solid & liquid).
    – there are enough growth stages for arable crops to get full fertilization AND herbicide. Especially if you make use of pre-planting fertilizer application!
    – grass is a problem though, there is only time for 2 chemical applications between mowing and it being ready for the next mowing. But you can deal with weeds on grass with a small harrow for spot weeding (you can get away with a 4m weeder and be good). Over winter there are more opportunities for chemical application, so you can go with herbicide before the first cut of the year.
    – weeders remove weeds which are present, they are not proof against future growth of weeds.

  6. Arthur, i think the weeders only work AFTER the weeds have popped up, they won't PREVENT weeds, only PULL them after they sprout, and only during stage 1 growth. after that you have to use weed killer

  7. I need to find this farm and download it…but No Man's Land……and Erlengraht….North of France……aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh
    I need more hours in the day
    Seriously tho, love this farm


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