Does Tire Selection Matter Part 1 | Farming Simulator 22


Do tires matter? In this video I take a look at multiple different tire configurations and different tire brands to see which one performs the best when trying to subsoil on an uphill slope.

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0:37 Dirt Hill Test Description
3:14 Dirt Hill Test Results
8:27 Dirt Hill Test Winner
8:41 Dirt Flat Test Description
9:06 Dirt Flat Test Results
9:29 Dirt Flat Test Winner
9:38 Brand Comparison Description
10:13 Brand Comparison Results
11:44 Brand Comparison Winner

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  1. I've noticed when I was a medium tractor pulling a large grain auger wagon that once it was half full the tractor start spinning the tires so I put doubles all around and stopped having the issue

  2. I know I’m really late on this but YouTube recommendations just put your video into my timeline. I wanted to thank you because your info is really valuable to me. I play Haut Beyleron and this map has lots of elevation changes with the need to pull implements uphill. Stripping several seconds off the time just by using the right tires is really awesome

  3. I don't really understand the test scenario. You're not traction limited in this case, you're power limited. If you want to test tires/traction, test it with a big power tractor up a hill.

  4. So confusing this like how is tyre brand making that much of a difference. No way in real life are you gonna get that much difference between them. Dunno what’s gone on with giants coding

  5. Just subscribed to your channel, this is awesome info, and awesome videos, you really did your homework, you took a ton of time to produce very informative info, it’s greatly appreciated, I haven’t seen anybody else doing these, thanks so much for the awesome info 👍👍

  6. Willing to bet doing the test with a tractor at or above recommended horsepower you would see better results with weights and tracks

  7. Yay! I don't have to change my tire brand out. I put the BKT on all my tractors all the time because I liked the little wave designs, they had on the nubs of the sidewall. Guess looks did matter!

    Boo, I need to change the sets of them. I was running wide weights on all my tractors thinking it were making my tractors better.

  8. This video was very helpful. I have large size fields and alot of them are sloped so thank you man, I appreciate this info


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