Farm Sim News! X9 In Testing, DB120 Progress, & More! | Farming Simulator 19


Farm Sim News – March 7, 2021
“X9 In Testing, DB120 Progress, & More!”
FSNews FS19 – Farming Simulator 19

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0:00 – Farm Sim News
0:11 – Today’s Top Stories
0:33 – John Deere X9!
1:21 – MNMF Map Slots!
1:52 – It’s A Fish!
2:28 – DB120 Progress!
3:49 – F1000 Update!
4:10 – New Snow Tools!
4:48 – Jacto DLC Tease?
5:30 – Mod Release Dates
5:57 – Best Outro In Farm Sim
6:29 – It’s my living room

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  1. Big news from SiiD Modding today, the John Deere X9 Combine has been sent off for testing!
    I'll have one more video today showing off the Deutz D 6206, so stay tuned for that!

  2. I think that in the next update for the millennial farm map they should have it where if you reset a vehicle to the shop it respawns to the main farm like lone oak or stone valley.

  3. I actually didn't have any problem with the slot count. My issue is not being able to unload at the big grain elevator in town!

  4. Hey DJ Can you do a video on how modders make their money off FS 19, if they do. I have seen post from people that modders do this for free. Which I don't think they would go through all the hassle for nothing.

  5. I hope the machinery steering by itself css as n be addressed in the millennial farm map?? It’s well worth the wait, possibly my favourite map to date! Great job 👏🏻

  6. It would be helpful but it still doesn't downsize the download file size for the millennial farmer map ☹️ I'm just trying to get myself another game.

  7. please please please once you get some more info on the john deere stack fold tell us because i am trying to make a farm that looks exactly or close to my family farm and that is the last piece i need

  8. Tell your brother happy birthday🎂😎😎😎😎😎🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂from ryley Appleton

  9. I'm mad and sad when he is gone for vacation or something else. Then I remember he is human and am very thankful for what he does. More important than other news nowadays.

  10. The SLOTS in the MNMF map are bad cause you can’t be like Millennial Farmer and have everything he has because so many slots be took up.

  11. Has anyone heard about what happened to the liquid fertilizer tank on the JD DB90 planter. If anyone can think of anything. Please let me know in the comments down below. Or you can just reply to this message. I can’t seem to get the liquid fertilizer tank to go onto the planter.

  12. There were already on county line seasons map. The fish i mean. Also there is ducks in the map. I mean the county line map.

  13. Omg happy birthday to your brother hope he has a amazing birthday….and I wish the best of happiness for ur family:)

  14. I play on Xbox One and I have a problem on the MNMF map: I can’t sell at the Lowry CHS grain sell point so I have to bug a place down a sell station and I’m sad

  15. I downloaded the X9 demo version from a 3rd party mod hub last month. It's been working flawlessly. I even modded the file a bit so it can hold 25,000 liters.

  16. biggest dislike about FS19 currently with a John Deere farm its hard to stay anywhere shy of full slot count and it continually causes errors. hopefully this can be changed in the upcoming game.

  17. cant wait for that combine. ezcited.for millenial farms update also hope they fix up the grain tank issue on the db90 also

  18. what would help the map is all place ables removeable so you can build your farm fully as you waht


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