Farming Simulator 2021 – Top 10 Feature Requests


Welcome to the top 10 feature requests for Farming Simulator 21
Some of the suggested features are really a really good idea and would be great to see them in any upcoming version of Farming Simulator. Please note this is UNOFFICIAL and is only taking into account requests from players who commented on my community page.

Images and Photos by Pixabay

The Farming Simulator 21 logo is unofficial and is based on the Farming Simulator 19 logo

No Farming Simulator 21 footage is shown in this video. All gameplay is from previous version of Farming Simulator.



  1. I am getting a lot of questions saying "Why have you posted this video so early, the next Farming Simulator game is over a year away". Well here is my simple answer: Video games don't get made overnight. Despite the release likely being a long time from now it has to go through the planning stage at the start of development. I don't know if Giants (developer) are at this stage now but this is the kind of video they need at that stage.

    Hopefully those who are confused understand.


  2. I’d like to see brands like Ford, Chevy, dodge, kenworth, more JCB, Peterbuilt, CAT, more Fait, AGCO white.
    Features: build animal pastures, you can buy tractors with loaders like having JD loaders, soft ground mud sinking etec, start with real maps like real places, see real tractors on the road and on fields, have a low medium and high traffic settings, you can turn on cheat money, be able to have goats, you can put dogs and cat in your house, more crops, smoke houses, snow plows, cats, deer, moose, pulling tractors, no-modded flat bed pickup trucks, hunting, style your tractors, cops, the cops can pull you over, boats, more road paving textures. NEXT


    Grain co-ops

    Car recks and ambulances

    Truck weight stations




    THE end…

  3. Orchards like nuts and stone fruits and their respected equipment like shakers and sweepers would be sweet. And more hay equipment such as self propelled roadsider’s; roadrunner/sunny d hay squeezes; and hay retrievers such as hauser-built or warrenbaerg.

  4. for me mods take care of the lack of additional content which there isnt exactly a lack of. id much rather have aspects of the game improved upon that modders cant fix. physics, simulation, game mechanics in general such as operating machinery attaching forestry machines to trees, ai, game code structure so that modders can more effectively and easily add content. id like more ways for players to customize their game world such as constructing custom building and such piece by piece wall by wall floor by floor etc. the terraforming should be improved to accommodate for world customization so that building/structure placement can be done without so many restraints. be able to pick what climate you live in to dictate if you will have to deal with things like snow or not. much of the other things i would like have been discussed in this video. like dynamic ground. that could have a huge role in the terraforming i mentioned earlier. if that is made possible you can then add ore mining in tot he game. yes i know modders have done such but modders can only do what they can with what they have to work with. its very unrefined and just tossed in to the game as more of a proof of concept than anything.

  5. I would like to see where you can use the horses for more than just writing them around for pleasure I’d like to use them to do fields and stuff make the horses actually work I have a few Amish friends who like the game but wish there was Amish type stuff in there The Amish still do exist

  6. Improve game physics (disable autobrake and add more realistic weigh systems) and finally traktor gear and clutch please

  7. -This video is a bit old by now and I don't expect anyone will ever read my comment .. But more realistic fill levels in the siloes, and a limit to how many animals you may hold in a inclosure (depending on size), could be nice..

  8. I don't want to open up a can of worms but what about repairs and maintenance? I have done farm work before and a big thing is maintenance on the tractors and equipment. For example, each year my father and I check the mower to make sure that the teath on the sickle bar mower are sharp enough to cut.

  9. I personally think there needs to be more of a dynamic weather, Like impact weather like too much rain flooding fields, Too much sun will dry out certain crops etc along with standalone seasons rather than having it be implemented as a mod.

  10. I would like to see them make big ass maps add construction and bring back the eight wheelers instead of quad tracks and add Peterbilt and Kenworth semi’s

  11. There is actually a mod on modhub that lets you have used vehicles and cheaper the mods name is buy used equipment its in gameplay

  12. I'd like to see more realistic bucket. Right now you just drive into a pile of something with the bucket closed and it fills up. It would be cool if there was a scooping motion needed

  13. My suggestions are for the mobile version, also, very large, massive sized fields that you can also expand, because not all farms are neat squares

  14. For FS21, need to be able to feed dairy cows with Silage, because real dairy farms grow bulk crops and use a chopper to harvest them and store the silage and have feed mixers available, need more forestry equipment, heavy PTO driven wood chippers


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