Farming Simulator 21 is NOT HAPPENING – Confirmed.


It’s confirmed that Farming Simulator 21 is NOT coming. Good or bad news depending on which way you look at it.

Giants confirmed this news to me and other YouTubers however please watch the whole video to find out more.

This video contains my OWN opinions, not everything said is a fact.



  1. Thank goodness the game suck on console anyways. Maps.animals.the best mods only goes to pc .so please don't make another one for console .it's boring on console.

  2. I bet they change the farming simulator name because it's been silly in their opinion that fs8 fs9 fs11 fs13 fs15 fs17 fs19. They released a new Every two years and this didn't make sense. In addition, in this game you can cultivate land as well as tend the forest and move the land even so the name changes…

  3. I say that they release a new farming simulator every 3-4 years at most. None the less would I love to see what the next farming simulator holds for us.

  4. what i want to see is

    farming simulator maps like ets2 really big maps and with longer time to drive

    its so boring now to have fields all near each other and not much landscape

  5. needs a lot of improvements otherwise I will stop buying it!! all the engines sounds identical and the ground could be nice if it will be dynamic!! and much more

  6. The reason why companies are dropping numbers from their games is because games are shifting into becoming live services, which like communism, sounds good in concept, but in reality wil never work out well for the user. Live services allow for greedy microtransactions, and excuse laziness under the guise of it always being able to be fixed later.

    The new Forza (I'm not sure if it's been confirmed, since I don't follow it) is almost for sure going to be a game that will be updated for this year's console cycle.

    I really hope that farming simulator doesn't go this route, but I think that it's almost inevitable that it will.

  7. I hope they make the next farming simulator 21 on the nintendo switch better than farming simulator 20 that one was quite boring on nintendo switch it was boring because you can not get out of the vehicle and walk around or cut down trees FARMING SIMULATOR 17 was good on the nintendo switch 😂😂😂😂

  8. If theyre not making a new one can they at least fix the current one? Not being able to have 2 people in the same car is pathetic. GTA San Andreas had that in 2005.

  9. Lol, if you believe that bull excuse from Giants you'll believe anything!

    Giants know they have to completely rewrite the graphics engine, after all, this has been a slightly tweaked copy and paste of fs 2011, for the past god knows how many iterations.

    Your comparison with ETS 2 is disingenuous.
    ETS 2 (and ATS 2) have had genuinely decent updates, updates that have been included for free.
    Giants are the EA of the sim world, releasing a very slightly tweaked engine, still with the same appalling physics (a tractor with a fully loaded trailer bounces off a fence post or gets overturned by it).
    Absolutely dire lod, with lights, shadows etc, popping in right in front of your tractor, which are totally immersion breaking.

    The stupidity of the whole situation is it's a lot of fun, but is majorly flawed and all the fan boys don't help the situation, meaning Giants can get away with it time after time.

    You said that you, and lots of other players, want ground deformation.
    Far more important than that are better physics complete with a decently programmed game engine, but I suppose if you aim low you won't be disappointed….

  10. I agree with this …. Fs just gets good near the end of the games shelf life… All the mods are ported over and everyone is happy…. Then it gets reset again too quickly !! as In… the new one comes out and everybody stops playing and jumps ship…. Then its another year or more before your favorite mods make an appearance again..
    Not to mention things like seasons take time to develop… Hence the last year of the games shelf-life is when it actually gets playable and good…


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