You want a new Farming Simulator, don’t you? You’ll get it: Farming Simulator 22 will come to PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia this Fall!



  1. How many devs are working on this title? Performance improvements and basically implementing user generated content into the main game, seriously? I'm assuming they're not compensating the seasons devs either, basically making 22's key selling point something they got for free? I know they've added new models etc., but FS has been in "no competition, dont care" mode for faaaar too long.

  2. oh so we get the addition of a mod that has already been giving the same experience on 19… i swear if there is nothing separating this from 19 then im gunna be disappointed. was definitely looking forward to deformable land so i can terraform with machines instead of god like creator tools.

  3. Hold on at the start of the teaser the fs logo is in the middle of the had then in the winter of the teaser it is in the bottom right

  4. If the very roots of the game aren't changed/improved then it will just feel the same. > Give the modders something to really work with! <

    The sounds and the realistic dynamic ground textures are crucial for immersion imo.

    Imagine the whole new level of physics and realism they could implement!

    If they don't nail this, I feel they may be leaving the door open for another company to really take over if they are the ones to listen properly and give us what we want.

    If GIANTS don't, I hope they don't expect us to just shrug it off and wait another 3 years!

    We will know quickly after release date what you did and didn't do!

    Fingers crossed, don't F this up.

    We're counting on you to show us something even more beautiful and delicious more akin to the real thing.

    I like to watch these as I play sometimes.

  5. I really hope they add Beef cattle in FS 22 beef cowes are simple and better profit than both pigs milk cowes and cheep together they are as simple to feed as a cheep grass, silage, hay and water 🙂 👍🏻 im grown up on a Beef farm IRL

  6. The mods are what make the game and that's our biggest problem, it means giant can be lazy and sell an empty game because they know mothers will finish there game for them. I hope other franchisees come into the picture to put the heat on giant and make an example of them

  7. Breaking News farming simulator should fix the problems that are all ready in the game. Like tabbing into machines that you don't want to tabe into . Not only that you can't Report problems in game. If you can't report problems then they can't be fixed

  8. these games sell for the price of a triple-A game and it's not worth that price at all.
    twenty bucks says they won't even have fruit… again
    I wonder if the game will ever have animations and or sound, vehicle gearing, or really anything that will make it moderately worth playing…

  9. After 4 years in development we would get FS19 with few new vehicles,maps and new textures lol…still the same shitty obsolete Giants engine that should be retired long time ago.
    In this long period they only come up with directx 12 support,some AI improvements and minor almost unnoticeable graphic change…wtf Giants Software.
    This game needs completely new engine with advanced weather systems,and soil deformation,if they want to continue to be successful in 2021.
    With current announced features and graphics it's nothing else then FS 19 with a minor update,not worth spending money on this for sure.

  10. Hopefully smarter AI and maybe have traffic moving faster than 10mph. There’s more needed but don’t feel like typing that much.

  11. Please don't have Seasons. please don't have Seasons, or at least a switch to turn it off. I like the changes but not the rotting bales and being told i can't plant!

  12. Well, we will see what is like when it is released? I am sure they will do what they did for the 2019 release and boot kiss the American ego and based the main game map in America!

    And I am sure also they will try and force us gamers to use that unpopular windows 10 crap OS just to play this version!
    ( I not using that rubbish Windows 10 OS Like most of the players, I I stick with the 2017 OS thanks )
    Windows 10 was so bad Microsoft even tried to give it away for free and no one took them up on it.

    I never bothered with the 2019 release from what I saw it too was bowing to the Americans by doing the main game based on a American farm.

    I stick with the 2017 release for now and we see what the 2022 version end's up doing? If it as it looks again doing the American is all stuff and try's to pus us to play only on windows 10 then they can stick it.

  13. Sorry Giants… Love you guys… BUT !!! This doesn't excite me I have to admit… I was hoping for interactive ground conditions and a rework of the crops.. They look pretty outdated at this stage..
    I've been playing seasons in fs19 so that's nothing new there either Im afraid… The brands and machines I don't really give a crap about TBH… I rarely ever use the base vehicle's anyways..

  14. Haven’t seen this kind of consumer theft since Tiger Woods Golf. Same game repeatedly released from 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and now 2022. I didn’t see anything here that would make me want to upgrade from my revised copy of 2017. I can see detailed crops as far as the eye can see after applying the Draw Distance Updater. I couldn’t get it to work in 2019, and if there’s any indication in Game Play videos that you can see any kind of “Ring of detail” in the distance, then it’s still ruining the immersion of the game.

  15. I know that it's not a focus of the game but it would be really nice to see car/equipment damage when you crash, and for drivers to act intelligently and, you know, go around instead of stopping dead in the road until you move. Oh, and it would be nice if my truck didn't slide all over the road when I'm driving like I'm on ice.


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