Have you experienced the store loading bug?
|||||||||||||…………….. 42% 猸 Yes and I play on Console
|||……………………… 10% 猸 No and i play on Console
|||||||||||………………. 36% 猸 Yes and I play on PC
||||…………………….. 12% 猸 No and I play on PC

In this video we look at the latest updates, mods and news on Farming Simulator 22.

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  1. Hinging body tractors, telehandlers, and wheel loaders all are undrivable by the AI for them purpose of transport down the road. all it does 9s wiggle its way down the road. Hope that gets fixed.

  2. This patch couldn鈥檛 be more needed. Hopefully it makes it playable. I haven鈥檛 got more than 4 hours on this crap game

  3. I've never played such a glichy game.cant buy anything from shop keeps crashing and throwing me out,equipment sinks into ground can't get it out.pallets ? simply go flying when try pick em up,which was funny but is wearing thin lol,and that's just a few things wrong, im updated as far as it can be,fs19 was brilliant,no problems.fs22 lots of problems lol

  4. I want the animal husbandry back the way it was u can't do much in that area nomore it's so gone too simple and unrealistic now or at least someone mod something so the ones that want that option can use it thought the game was about opitunity I would really like all the animal husbandry features back it seams dull

  5. Mods are gotta b better then ever and top knotch for me to pay for em b prepared if they start charging for mods the fan base will reduce

  6. The game has only been out a few months and everyone is wanting a DLC 馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ I remember when we only got 1 and if you was on console you had the same 2 maps for 2 years.. I think the focus should be on the patch and have the basics fixed before you worry about DLC content. If I'm being honest I still play on 19 more than 22. These guys are spokesman for Giants now so I dont pay much attention to them. If you think this game is great go listen to Mr. Sealy P a few episodes ago and his true thoughts of this version.

  7. I would just set up donation page for the molders. I wouldn鈥檛 pay for mods but i would definitely donate whenever I could.

  8. Happens all the time for me, PC and Xbox. Since day 1, some options would show up and sometimes not change. Also a lot of descriptions are missing from mods too. Still a great game just need the wrinkles ironed out.

  9. In game crashing on ps4 and i never would pay for a mod, way too many glitches in the game. Using a fork lift is awful and the trucks are severely under powered and turn over to easy.

  10. no inicio do lan莽amento o game rodava tranquilo e sem problemas no meu PC depois ficou muito pesado e sempre que uso mods ele da erro no giants engine

  11. issues i have on pc
    -silage getting stuck inside the bunkersilo
    -triggers to uncover silage or to enter the shop don't appear and require me to restart the game
    and i would love them to update truck transmissions since my shifter doesn't have 16 positions for the lever to go

  12. My only frustration with this game is the lack of map mods for consoles.
    If I had known maps would come so slow, I would have waited, or skipped the game alltogether.
    The Construction map for consoles is flat, boring, and no detail.
    Come on GIANTS!

  13. Thanks for a great vid and updates 馃檪 just wondering when they are gonna fix the problem with bales in showroom 馃檨 sick and tirred of items drowning in bales…….

  14. Bugs? Bales littering the store, flashing textures (game should have an epilepsy warning!), stuttering animal animations, crashes on exit, lockups on exit. And only been playing the game for a week.

  15. I play on PC, and I've seen the issue where I have to back out of the mod customization screen because the configurations do not show. The Configurations header shows, but none of the options. Back out, hit the Customize button, and they're back. No error in the log (usually), and it happens both with vanilla equipment and mods, on both vanilla maps with and without mods, and on mod maps. This was happening well before the TLX came out. I think Giants rushed some parts of the game and didn't test thoroughly on others.

  16. Hey klutch, i have had problems with the store menu on ps4 for fs22, were you go in to the store and the loading circle loads for a bit when you pick an item anything really and the loading circle stops and your game freezes then crashes and brings up a ce error. It does not matter how fast you pick an item or how slow. Hope this makes sense. But I deal with it by unpluging my ps4 to clear the ceche and reinstalling the latest update for the ps4 and then rebuilding the data base which seems to help the ps4 run the game smoother after that.


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