Farming Simulator 22 | Coming Soon to Stadia


New crops, new maps, new machines and new brands – Farming Simulator 22 is cultivated to be bigger and better!

With more than 400 machines and tools from over 100 authentic agricultural brands will make agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry even more fun than ever. Farming Simulator 22 lands this November.

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  1. not my type of game but i have to admit that this trailer is PERFECT….i almost want to play in snow with a big tractor now hahahaha

  2. wow stadia is still alive? what happen to the stadia connect? no new game to announce? well that's a dead platform for you,

  3. I'm almost 100% positive no farmer ever thinks this way. My dad's uncle is a farmer, and I swear, him & his wife only ever think about the money they make from ripping off the co-owners of the farm: his brother (grandpa) and sister.

    Now if farmers were described as mafia gangsters, that'd be more believable to me. Also, I'd be all over that game lol.

  4. I really like FS19 and if they put in just a fraction of the work they put into the trailer then it's gonna be epic 😀

  5. Hey can you tell me when stadia will launch in India ? I am big fan and I am waiting for stadia to launch in India from more then 1 year


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