Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Expansion | Coming November 2022


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  1. I like fs22 but when it comes to forestry I find it disappointing so you also have a truck trailer automatically saws tree trunks when you drive past it is immediately placed on the trailer so I think this is fs 22

  2. I also miss the johndeer 953 The "Frankenstein" loader is a converted 953MH with a raised and widened undercarriage for stability and visibility, it is equipped with a longer boom and a 225 grapple for unloading timber trucks at the mill or sawmill .

  3. What about forestry cranes such as fs 19 is the case there you have much more forestry crane than on 22 at fs 19 you had large forestry crane johndeer and then I also found this one why is it not on 22 forest build mods? The Goliath is a new generation autonomous freight forwarder and harvester that shares the same base and has a larger crane than most of its competitors. It can also load and lift more than twice what the old generation machines could do. With a total payload of 50 tons, it outshines even the largest freight forwarders and the harvester reach exceeds anything currently on the market.

  4. Just to let you all Know Impex does Organic seeds in Oil Seed, Cereal, Backing Seed, Legumes, just to name a few. Koller is farmtech company that does livestock Tech wise in feeding liners and recovery systems. Pfanzelt does forestry, Schwarzmuller does trailers.

  5. volvo loaders would be nice, as h g f modells, and the older ones, i have bult l70b and l90c myself and using it, but direct from the professionals would be nice

  6. Wow more mods stolen from giants and they can’t even make them as good as the moders can. If they continue to do this they should at least make it as good or better. Take the input of seasons into the game. No bail rot nor animal death. As an example.

  7. Efficiency in farming means going bigger. I would expect bigger implements, equipment, and tractors. We already have precision farming, which addresses efficiency as far as seed, fert, and lime are concerned.

  8. If I do not own the base game yet but pre order the platinum expansion, will I be able to play the game before platinum expansion releases in november?

  9. locking new gameplay mechanics behind a pay expansion is really bad and show they dont care about their players only money. want be buying this one until the whole damn complete games is less than base game now. (like with 19)

  10. I’m oddly fascinated with forestry so if i get this game i guess i’ll start by modding cash to start forestry immediately.


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