FARMING SIMULATOR 22 | Seasonal Cycles


Get ready for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in Farming Simulator 22! When we announced the new installment of the series merely days ago, you already saw a glimpse of the seasonal cycles in the teaser-trailer.

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  1. This literally looks like a rerelease of 19? The game still looks incredibly dated. After a year when some of the most powerful consumer cards have come out and people are looking to upgrade, not improving the graphical fidelity of the game is a mistake. 22 is a hard pass for me at this time because it seems like I already own it.

  2. these games sell for the price of a triple-A game and it's not worth that price at all.
    twenty bucks says they won't even have fruit… again
    I wonder if the game will ever have animations and or sound, vehicle gearing, or really anything that will make it moderately worth playing…

  3. I’m wondering what kind of tractors they’re going to put in I hope their American Tractors like international Minneapolis Moline Oliver Alice charmers white

  4. they definetly need MORE different fall colors and not just bright yellow, there should be all sorts of oranges and rust colored leaves 😀

  5. It's funny as a few days ago before I came across this video I was just thinking they should add seasons to the next one

  6. Thanks Daggerwin.. nice video.. my only concern is i don't see any real changes in the game.. i mean we already have seasons in fs19. So its nothing really new.. good for giants making their own version.. but i mean did it warrant a whole new game is my question.. 😀👍👍

  7. As someone who does not use seasons I am not excited.
    At the very least I hope you can toggle it

  8. I am very hyped for this game. The last game I played in the series was fs13. I still remember getting the DVD from Walmart when I saw it and having a blast with it.

  9. I'm excited for it, can't wait to see how they'll do seasons and what new equipment will be available as well.

  10. Boring ground textures, only new machines and no dynamic ground. Why the hype? I hope another company starts a bether farming game.

  11. I hope it has accurate geo choices similar to the mod, or if these will be built into the maps to vary the environments.

  12. Find out if there is going to be a story campaign we could really use one the past fs games and never had it

  13. I think it's amazing they've spent so much time working on the trees transitioning through the seasons, yet the flowers in the grass remain, almost year round… They must be those plastic flowers that "never die or need water"…. Attention to detail across the board would be great. I also see in other comments and I agree, I hope Giants don't intend to just dazzle us with pretty colours and make some real physical changes to the game.

  14. I don't want my comment to sound mean. I really like the game, but lets be real here.
    Initially, when I read "Our seasons is different than the mods for FS 17 & 19" I was like: Ohh, here we go.
    And then I saw the blooming flowers/grass/shrubs in the snow.
    So yeah, it really is different than the brilliant Seasons mod.
    The snow on the roofs is nice, but other than that – it's nothing exciting.
    My hat is down to the modding community. It is making the game much, much better and I have no doubt they will do it with FS22 as well.
    Just give the modders more freedom to play with various features of the game. I think this will be a step in the right direction.


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