FARMING SIMULATOR 22 – Start From Scratch – ELMCREEK MAP – Part 1 – FS22 LET'S PLAY


Let’s Play: FS22 – Start From Scratch – Elmcreek Map – Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 is here!
It has been a long time coming, but we are finally jumping back into one of my most popular series on the channel, Farming Simulator. We will be playing on the US based Elmcreek map and, as always, will be playing the Start From Scratch game-mode where we start with basically nothing but $500,000 and no tractors or land or anything else. Can we work our way up to being able to purchase and run a full Production Chain, one of the new features in this year’s game? Will the Seasons game mode be too much of a challenge to overcome? Come watch the excitement that can only compare to watching grass grow…because it literally is just watching grass grow, lol.


0:00 – Intro & Setup
4:42 – Character Creation
9:50 – Map and Game Overview
26:03 – Buying some land and getting started

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New to the channel? You can find Let’s Play videos on many different strategy games such as: Civ 6, CK2, EU4, XCOM, etc. I may also mix it up a bit with some simulation (Farming Simulator), Management (Football Manager, Motorsport Manager), sandbox/building (Factorio), or other types of games. I will always aim to keep my videos family-friendly with zero language and very little violence or other adult themes. My current goal is to upload a video every day except Sunday, as I reserve this day as a time for church, family, and rest.



  1. Just recently bought FS22 for xbox1 struggled a bit playing came across your channel and loving the videos great indepth information and guides learning loads great job 🙂 (new sub)

  2. I have started playing FS23 and found it very limited. Learned about FS22 and liked it. I have ordered a new PC to play it. While the PC doesn’t arrive, I’m learning with your videos, which I’m loving! Very detailed videos, you share your thought process and allow us to learn and make decisions based on your comments and experience.
    All tue best!

  3. Can you now sell other farmhouses that are attached to land you buy? I bought #47 I think it was and it doesn’t seem to let me sell of demolish the house there

  4. Hey, nice new farming sim series to watch. Especially after having such a bad experience during farming sim 19 where many of the headers were broken and did not work correctly, it was unplayable, and I swore off buying any future installments. The fact Giants never fixed the issue themselves made me avoid them as well.

  5. Just discovered your channel. Subscribed. I am a huge fan of creators who have a calm demeanor whilst also providing interesting gameplay, and you nailed it, good sir.

  6. Hey Broyar I now own the Farming Sim 22 It's a great game, But I realize there is no Tutorial feature in the Game. Is there a tutorial option in the Farming sim 22

  7. No no no, sorry very frustrating that you couldn't find pause OMG!! I have to leave lol!! I just raged quit your YouTube video 🤣

  8. you probably already figured it out but yes it pulls your name from windows what ever you used when you installed the os really annoying to cause it resets to it ever game. mine says "myname local".
    thanks for the vids i wanted a easy relaxing game to play so bought this and damn it the learning curve and searching i had to do just to figure out trailer hooks ups was insane 🙂

  9. You hair is dependent on your moms side of the family. And it skips a generation so whatever your moms dad hair is you will most likley have

  10. Not gonna lie, when you were picking the color of your hat, and you mentioned your logo, I thought they were both purple. (I'm colorblind) Awesome video, def earned a subscriber!

  11. just bought it last night and am shocked how thorough the game is. The is however one nagging issue I am dealing with, the map is fairly large and i find myself having to constantly tram my equipment around to do contract jobs. Between picking up the leased equipment from the dealership and running it to my contracted workplace it ends up being a ton of driving. i feel llike a soccer mom lol


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