FARMING SIMULATOR 22 | What's in the Collectors Edition? Take a look!


Get your own Farming Simulator beacon light and let it illuminate your room as soon as you turn it on in-game! So, there’s even more reason to get excited for Farming Simulator 22: If you’re quick, you’ll be able to score a limited PC Collector’s Edition!

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  1. i just want to know if the ps5 version will have limits to how many machines you can have on the map like the fs19 version has… cause that will dictate where i will buy this game.

  2. I hope they don’t rush the release for FS22 like they did with FS19 because there was loads of things wrong with it glitching out etc

  3. I just want the beacon, maybe if someone gets one and does a teardown on it and shares the PCB, I'll DIY my own out of an old beacon I have that we've retired from our farm.

  4. I unplugged my disc drive so I could put my SSD in and I’ve never used the disc drive so didn’t see the point in buying a new wire for it

  5. thank you daggerwing for the update on fs22 keep up the amazing work you do and all the amazing videos as well.

  6. Ummmm I don't want to be that guy but how can you have a collectors edition to something that isn't even released yet?

  7. I see a lot of replies are about not having a CD drive. My pc doesn't have one either. So I won't be getting the box set. Giants didn't think about that.

  8. Quick question if you get the collector’s edition can you play it via steam as most computer don’t use cd drives anymore

  9. Dagger loves his beacons so he might be ordering 5 of these and having beacons across his entire house! 😂😂😂

  10. what a joke you can watch a modding vid for free on youtube, stickers, and a blinking light why would you pay extra for this joke of a collectors bundle and in a year or two there will be another game to replace this one. why would you pay extra for this garbage.but i do look forward to seeing your lets plays, thanks for the hard work sir.

  11. This is the most crappy junk they could’ve put in a collectors edition lol wtf a beacon? They wanted so bad for something to be interactive and forgot about making something cool


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