FS22 | CALMSDEN FARM | #5 | GOOD ADDITIVES? | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play.


FFS! FS22 | CALMSDEN FARM | #5 | GOOD ADDITIVES? | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 Let’s Play. Map by: Oxygendavid. The rest of the grass needs to be cut. Some tedded and windrowed. All will be collected and additives added where necessary! A salvaged silo from FFS is being installed too.

Seasonal Growth is OFF.
Weeds are OFF.
Normal economy?
2 day months.

Music (if used) is from YouTube and Sharefactory’s free libraries.

Mods used:





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  1. You're farm brought me alot inspiration for my farm but I'm sure I got you beat MrSP I'm doing everything from production animals woods even cutting neighbors grass and collecting grass just wish I had people to multi-player with I have so many projects a day !!

  2. Careful how many of the trees you cut. I cut them all down and they've glitched my game. My chainsaw no longer works and for a 26t trailer load i get £83. Mines on pc though. 🙁

  3. If you mow with the triples and have them swath, you can use the smaller Tedder and it will still Ted, keeping them the width of the Tedder so you don’t need to windrow.

  4. Field 4. The reason you had trouble getting the grass mowed back toward the road and closer to the wall is that there is a trough where the land is higher to the right than left, like a ditch.. not obvious but it is there I had trouble with a smaller mower. I think the Fella side mower might be a better option

  5. 👍. Tried this map 3x. Just can’t get into the map. It looks like a good map. Found a few more bugs which is a bit of a shame. Since it just had a update. But still early. Even giants still has bugs.

  6. Do you use autodrive? If so someone has made a autodrive course for Calmsden, if you are interested let me know i will let you know where you can get it. Or I can give you a copy.

  7. Check behind the shop another area to work. And fyi can't sell cotton till update.
    I didn't need new game save. Old save working just fine.

  8. Yet another great episode mr P thanks for your time making theses videos 👏👏👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  9. I know the troubles with mixed grass/hay fields… would be nice if there was a pitch fork mod that lets you pick-up batches of grass/hay/straw and put it somewhere else

  10. Love the episodes! Keep them coming. Can't wait for #6! 🙂 About the update; were you talking about update 1.1, which was released this weekend? Or is there a v. 1.2 of Calmsden Farm coming out anytime soon!?

  11. Splendid episode, great to see the update to the map hasn't thrown any proverbial spanners in the works for you MrSealyP!

  12. Using a meadow roller gives 100% fertilizer state without using fertilizer. There's a 6m wide one in the modhub.


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