FS22 Map PREVIEW: Westby WI 4X by MB Farms & Tired Iron Modding – Farming Simulator 22


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Video Editing by: Garrett Dadoun

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  1. If this comes to console i will flip this map looks awsome and maybe one day if where lucky it wil get shrunk for console.

  2. I live in wis and the crop calander is exacly the same and there are a few cotton farms in the southern parts but not many

  3. hi, i downloaded the map and it's really great, i just can't play it because a lot of the buildings aren't where they should be. are they extra ? if so, where can you get them?

  4. The static cow barns on the map are amazing and actually resemble real cow barns. The modder needs to include them as separate buildings. The ones in the game already are sort of poopoo.

  5. So glad they have added more farms to this map. I have seen all of these farms in real life. I live in the town next to Westby

  6. Do all the prepared animal pens count toward total number of pens. Or will you be able to add 64 more on top of those already on the map.

  7. Love the map. I would like too see some bigger cow capacity instead of 100 cows why not 1000 or more. If your going to do cows go big time. Still can't wait to get farming on it


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