FS22 | Start From Scratch | Ep. 1 – Going Grass


Starting from scratch on Elmcreek!

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  1. Immediately closed the video when I saw you didn’t actually go into start from scratch mode which is exactly why I was here 🥺

  2. Giants really need to reduce the fieldstone. It was nice at first when the game first came out, now its a major pain in the ass now. Also how is your tractor not struggling? 300hp tractor against a 435hp plow.

  3. Haven't played this for two weeks now because my new DELL screening has just died !!!¡ £315.00 and I'm on phone to get help for one hour get through then the cut me off and won't even call me back !!!!!!! Don't buy DELL

  4. Those generators seem a little misleading. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten the full amount listed from them. It depends on the wind what you earn — it varies day-to-day and it always seems lower than expected. So it just takes longer to pay back.
    Glad you’ve started another one up!

  5. Why did you not check the used machinery? There was a good chance that there was something in there that you need and it can save you a lot of money.

  6. Great to see you back! Sometimes a fresh start is best. I understand why crop destruction is a pain. I leave it on for added realism, but I'll make HUGE headlands to turn around in, unless I can turn around in a neighbor's field. haha. FWIW, check for contracts in fields before buying them. Sometimes it's worth it, however I've noticed FS22 is not very generous with harvest missions on Elmcreek. I think everyone has the same gripe with equipment repair costs. It seems especially bad after buying used equipment. Might as well buy new!

  7. You should have used your mower, to mow and bale the wheat for straw. I do that for my cow play through where I don't own a harvester, but make hay and silage to feed the cows and can mow wheat for my straw. I would not recommend growing a straw producing crop just for the straw if you do not have cows, but if you buy the land the crop is on and have a mower and baling equipment, you might as well mow it for that little extra money of free straw.

    Also the more expensive front loader arms are longer, I find the longer ones often do better for manual stacking of bails. Personally, I never buy autoloaders, so need all the help I can get moving and storing bales.


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