Harvesting CORN SILAGE with MrsTheCamPeR | Hof Bergmann | Farming Simulator 22 | Episode 3


Today we are at Hof Bergmann with MrsTheCamPeR and we have to harvest corn silage. We started with getting ready for silage harvest. I jumped into John Deere Gator and headed to the local dealer to get some silage additive and while I was doing that MrsTheCamPeR got John Deere 6930 Premium ready for leveling and compacting bunker silo. After I bought two silage additive containers, I returned back to the farm and we unloaded them into the garage. Then MrsTheCamPeR jumped into John Deere Gator and I jumped into John Deere 6195M and we headed to the local dealer to borrow the equipment for silage harvest. When we arrived at the BGA we spoke with the manager and he let us borrow a John Deere 8800i with John Deere 375 Plus forage header and Gyrax BMXL 200 trailer. MrsTheCamPeR helped me attach the trailer to the John Deere 6195M and then she jumped into the forage harvester and we headed back to the farm. After we got back we filled the forage harvester with silage additive and then we removed Comfort Support Wheel from the forage header. Then I refueled the John Deere 6195M and we headed to the first field and started harvesting. MrsTheCamPeR was running forage harvester and I was carting chaff with tractor and trailer. We did two headland passes and then we did ups and downs using GPS. Halfway through the field, I decided to level and compact the bunker silo a little bit and I used John Deere 6930 Premium with leveler and silage roller for that job. After the bunker silo was smooth we continued silage harvest until we finished the first field. Then we moved to the second field and I leveled and compacted the bunker silo again. When that was done we switched the jobs and MrsTheCamPeR carted the silage and I harvested the silage with a forage harvester. We did everything the same on the second field as we did on the first field and we managed to finish it pretty fast. After we harvested everything it was time to wash and return the borrowed equipment. So for that job, I attached Karcher HDC 27/34 trailer to John Deere 5125M and then MrsTheCamPeR washed all the equipment. While she was doing that I leveled and compacted the bunker silo a bit more with John Deere 6930 Premium. When she finished washing equipment we attached the Comfort Support Wheel to the forage header and then we returned the forage harvester and trailer to the BGA and paid for them. After that was done we returned back to the farm and parked the vehicles we didn’t need anymore and headed inside the house for a lunch break.

Enjoy the video!


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Intro: Meet me (feat. nož) – mickey valen
Outro: Glude Dreamers
0:11 – 3:53 Dance – Lvly
3:54 – 7:27 Arms of Gold – Tape Machines
7:28 – 10:58 Out Into Space – Vicki Vox
10:59 – 14:26 Mad Woman – Lvly
14:27 – 17:14 Trip – Siine
17:15 – 20:12 Fire – Mindme
20:13 – 23:02 Celebration – Lvly



  1. They need a front attachment mod that go’s on a tractor and you can put seed bags or silage additive on it and strap it down

  2. Hello CamPeR, well today again in company, nice welcome you two, I am looking forward to this new episode Hof Bergmann. Mh corn chopping, fine thing I like. So I think I have to go to your school and learn to drive backwards with a trailer, you can do it so well Perfectly done great. My best, this was a great entertaining episode of you two thank you for that I was a lot of fun. You have a good taste, have a chic pretty wife 👩 🦳👍 See you soon.


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