I BOUGHT THE SMALLEST FIELD EVER | Attingham Park | Farming Simulator 22 – Episode 14


Chainsaw100’s Video –
Attingham Park co-op multiplayer with Chainsaw100 on Farming Simulator 22
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IMT Tractor

Case Puma

Massey Ferguson 6S

A huge thank you to GB Modding for allowing us to create this series on his map.

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. Did not know this was open I've been looking for a multiplayer to do some big field work without courseplau doing it qll

  2. This series had slow progress at the beginning because your farm was in EXTREME POVERTY, not because of co-op. If you do a competitive series poverty edition, I guarantee you an even more boring series. BE GENEROUS! Give yourselves more starting capital!

  3. Don't know if you knew but there is a water crossing point between field 41 & 13. When I played this map I also put in a bridge between field 24 & 23, both are grass fields.

  4. Competitive multiplayer series – Can be you as the farmar on his own, then during the busier times like harvest you can open it to your sponsor member

  5. Hey daggerwin qould you Please put the Rest of the survival challenge Episodes Into the playlist? Bc its Kinda annoying to search for each Individual episode

  6. Competitive teams. But only one of any production can be built on the map. So it makes it more interesting to see which way each team goes

  7. Daggerwin puts the weight on the back then attaches the slurry tank. Everyone watching. “You have front linkage!” 😂 never change. 😂

  8. Competitive with teams would be good it would give enough variety that you could play competitively without worrying about jobs being repetitive

  9. You should do competitive and let your team run their own farm and tally your teams scores together so everyone runs their own farm and helps the team with their harvest

  10. Maybe a second trailer now with the funds? Also, a forklift to be left at the store like usual and IF anyone takes it away, they. Put. It. Back!

  11. I really enjoyed this one; doing odd jobs, narrating and helping out. Less a focus souling on progress and more on interacting as a group.

  12. Instead of competitive how about just a neighbors series, like you both create your own videos on the same map and buy and sell items to each other as well as the sell points, like if you do animals and productions, maybe chainsaw only does crops and productions, buy crops from him, and he buys animal products from you to move his productions along kinda deal, idk as I'm writing this out it sounds more complicated but would be cool to have neighbors you know

  13. Hi is it possible to create the independent little farm somewhere on your server? Smth like a neighbor or competitive =)

  14. Would love to see an episode of you just being a Nuisance. Getting in the way, putting bags in front of tools. Park tractor awkwardly


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