JD 3765, Massey 4000, Newpark Farms! | Farming Simulator 22


New Mods & Farm Sim News FS22 – Farming Simulator 22
JD 3765, Massey 4000, Newpark Farms!

0:00 – Farm Sim News
0:10 – Today’s Top Stories
0:23 – New Mods Out Now
0:44 – John Deere 3765
1:33 – Tps-001
2:05 – SXHV-30
2:43 – Mod Outro
2:54 – PC Testing
4:00 – Console Testing
5:19 – FS19 Testing
5:31 – Mods Waiting
5:37 – Massey 4000 Submitted
6:05 – T8 South America
6:33 – Snow Blower
6:54 – CRI 48×32 Plow
7:08 – Newpark Is Back!
7:46 – Outro

Mod Testing List –
Giants Support –
EY –
Insight Design –
Adub –
Miotto –
Peter716 –

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  1. Mods & News all in one! (again) Tuesday's seem to be a bit of a slower day, but that's not going to prevent me from having SQUIRREL moments, or misspelling it in a video. 🤣
    Check out today's Lets Play on Calmsden! "We Have Cows!" https://youtu.be/_uO1mwZ33Lk

  2. That jd chopper was the only thing I used because it chopped straw. Idk apparently people don’t know you can and many people do chop straw

  3. DJ do you know of any current or maps coming up that will allow a true start from scratch? I love the challenge and need a change from no man's land. I'm not sure how everyone else is but my top requirement on any map is that it has to be fully customizable. Thanks

  4. Just saw that BulletBill is back at it! For those of us who were huge fans of the original Lone Oak, this is amazing news!

  5. Hey mr dj ,
    Is their a claas cougar 1400 mower in the game ?
    If not , maybe throw a suggestion to one of your modder friends.!!
    Maybe someone like 82 studio
    ( he would have that bad boy juiced up ! ) lololol

  6. Hey DJ can you possibly do a video regarding how the claas pre order pack still wont download on sony and some xbox

  7. I need someone to make a mod that allows Sod Harvesting from grass planted fields. Either with the creation of a sod harvesting machine or a baler that makes rolls (like bales) and leaves behind a cultivated field. Obviously that would mean a new roll asset and some place to sell it.

  8. Just what we want another MAN truck what about scania daf volvo and think we need a European low loader one of these talented Modder has got to be making one

  9. La Giants quando cazzo deve aggiustare il bug degli animali mai??????è possibile che un problema così grosso venga trascurato in questa maniera??NO NON È POSSIBILE…quindi si svegliasse e risolvesse ciò che lei ha creato…aspettiamo un aggiornamento..

  10. Where is the CSZ pack?! I could really do with the big bag carrier that was in there. (I know you don't know – just needed to voice the question somewhere)

  11. Great job as always brother 👏👍, can't wait for the Massey Ferguson 4000 series 👌, now just need some air hoe drills . Keep up the awesome work 💪

  12. Its news time baby!!! Love these so much keep it up brother. I wonder if in the future we will ever see lone oak get transferred to fs22

  13. This is all nice but where are the dump trucks would like to see a the crest map and more dump trucks please love it all but really would love to play on the crest map and drive some dump trucks please


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