MAKING and TRANSPORTING woodchips to BPP | Forestry on ERLENGRAT | Farming Simulator 22 | Episode 62


Today we are in ERLENGRAT and we have to make woodchips and transport them to Biomass Power Plant. We started by jumping into Toyota Hilux and going to the forestry area to see if the workers got all the logs we cut last time out of the forest. After that was done we returned back to the Sawmill and then we parked the Toyota Hilux and jumped into Fendt 930 and headed to the local dealer. We borrowed two Grimme conveyor belts from the dealer that we gonna need for storing woodchips. So we transported them with Fendt 930 to the Biomass Power Plant and then we set them up. When that was done we returned back to the Sawmill and parked the Fendt 930 and then we jumped into Toyota Hilux and headed to borrow the woodchipper. We borrowed Jenz Hem 922 DQ Cobra Hybrid from the local company and then we transported it to the forestry area. Then we needed some way to transport the woodchips so we went to the Mill and we borrowed their MAN with Benaul Optiliner 163 trailer. We drove the truck and trailer to the forestry area and then we set up the woodchipper and then we moved the truck and trailer in position. After that was done we started loading logs with a crane into the woodchipper and turning them into woodchips. When we got the trailer loaded we jumped into the truck and headed to the Biomass Power Plant where we unloaded woodchips. Then we used belts to move the woodchips into the storage and we used a telehandler to push the woodchips near the belts. After we got the woodchips stored we went and got another loaded of woodchips made and transported to the Biomass Power Plant. The second load was the last load so it was time to return borrowed equipment. We returned the truck and trailer to the Mill and we paid them 500 euros for letting us borrow them. Then we jumped into Hilux and headed to the forestry area and got the woodchipper returned to the company and we also paid them 500 euros. When that was done we went to the Sawmill and parked the Hilux and then jumped into Fendt 930. Then we returned the belts back to the local dealer and we headed to the Sawmill. We parked the Fendt 930 and then headed inside the Sawmill to make some planks.

Enjoy the video!


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Intro: Meet me (feat. nož) – mickey valen
Outro: Glude Dreamers
0:11 – 3:15 Egzod & Neoni – The Revolution (Arc North Remix)
3:16 – 6:59 Andreas Stone With Denniz Jamm – Black Sunrise
7:00 – 11:00 Approaching Nirvana & Alex Holmes – Darkness Comes
11:01 – 14:31 3rd Prototype – After the Storm
14:32 – 18:31 Axol & The Tech Thieves – Bleed
18:32 – 23:12 OLWIK – Taking Over (feat. Alexa Lusader)



  1. It's been a while since I last commented. Great video as always! When did you start giving hearts again to comments :D?

  2. Très beau le travail The CamPeR tu transporte du bois 🌲 sur la remorque du camion 😊 super 🚜🚨 | Belle Vidéo 💖

  3. The CamPeR I want to give you a suggestion… if you turn on the hazard lights, turn on the light in front so it will be more realistic

  4. real good video i love keep it up the camper and i have a question for you can you make a series with you do same thing in farming simulator 22 when you do construction series you series in farming simulator 19 was good can you make it again ❤

  5. Hello The CamPeR, I want to tell you something that is better for you. Opening the tubes is manual. I mean, you open on your own, or not. You open the doors manually or press the letter Q


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