MORE FINAL NEW MODS of 2020 (Review) Farming Simulator 19 FS19 21st Dec 2020.


MORE FINAL NEW MODS of 2020 (Review) Farming Simulator 19 FS19 21st Dec 2020. Modhub. PS5. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Mods: LIZARD Trex600 By: Blacksheep Modding, Claas Baseline HD By: Farmerls, Bressel and Lade square bale tongs By: DtP Mario, Machinery Sheds By: IrrSinn Rainer, Feltrina MR4A By: SMI Modding Team/Ago Modding, PLN-5-35 By: FSSA Modding Team, New Holland T5 Series US By: Whiskey Sierra Modding/Adub Modding/NEFG Modding, Valtra T Forest Pack By: MR-Forsttechnik, Lizard T202/0-8
By: Baki/Querty, Sledge By: JMZ & Buildings By: Zdun/Czarny317.



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  1. The Trex600 needs a new variant… with awesome abilities….

    The grinder can be switched to act as a chipper, and a vehicle mounted directional pipe fitted to transfer the woodchip to a rear attatched trailer ( that is running on tracks instead of tyres )

    Job flow is to cell a tree with chainsaw, then drive the Trex600 along the length of the downed tree and the Trex600 chips it , delimbing as it goes.

    The data and models for this can be found by combining Trex900 width of grinder plus pipe out of chip.
    Just about any forage harvester with directional and angling pipe.

    How incredible would that be!

    Throw in a telescopic roof mounted work light ring and hey ho off we go!

  2. Hello and Merry Christmas!!! i figured out what the transport mode is on the Valtra Forrest is… It locks/unlocks the front sway bar!!!! ;). More tractors could benefit from this option in my opinion.. Cheers!!! p.s. love your reviews btw you are for sure one of my first goto's for farm sim news.

  3. So is the claas baseline hd just a replacement for the other buildings or can you have the baseline and the other precision farming building together to have a super increased accuracy worker?? Merry Christmas

  4. So the crab lock makes the head stay in the same relative position as you move the crane arm left/right? If I’m getting that right that’s awesome. Merry Christmas MSP.

  5. Valtra 😍 Trex update 😍 new Deutz-Fahr D16006 😍 some nice goodies to end the year.
    Happy national retail day everyone.

  6. I'm starting to think Giants intended to mean no new mods will BEGIN testing until January 12th, and they are continuing to empty their ongoing testing.

  7. We hope that you and your family have a great and stay safe through the holidays, we have been hearing about the lockdowns in your area. We live in Tennessee in the US, and we are a very hot spot right now, No Lockdowns yet but most of our school systems are all virtual, and limiting numbers to 10 people at social gatherings. MERRY CHRISTMAS, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  8. Giants are making fun of us. Or they have an overachiever who wouldn’t leave anything undone.

    The SH bale handlers are great because they lock the bales in place. Regular bale grabs don’t have that. They use the regular handling mechanics.

    Merry Xmas everybody 🎄🎁🎅🏻

  9. Thanks kind sir 👍 have a wonderful Christmas
    I think someone is working from home at giants 😂 👍👌
    So many new toys and not enough space as usual 😂

  10. Same here with me on this conveyor… can’t steer it or do anything. Waste of time as you can’t lift it either… how does this pass mod testing? Seriously!

  11. I’ve had a chance to use the Valtra and the new 3 pt grapple and I can say the both work marvelously! The grapple is by far the best one in game at the moment!

  12. Perfect to clean the stupid bushes and trees on six ashes… It's painful to clean that map to have some more space for crops, or simply move between fields…

  13. The Trex is a fine mod update, but I am still waiting for a quick tree cutter/mulcher that spawns woodchips on console. There is a mod for that (looks like a milling machine), I saw it on one of DJ Goham’s videos, but it only exists on PC. I do not understand why it is so difficult to make, but apparently it is… I mean, combining the cutting of the tree with a wood chipper seems so ‘easy’ to do, no?

  14. I just had a similar experience with Sandy Bay 19 earlier today. OxygenDavid seems to hate marking anything out on the floor. Finally found the spot where I could overload TMR and even then it was glitchy.


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