New Bartelshagen 2022 | Map Review | Farming Simulator 22


Start 0:00
Intro 0:22
PDA, Sell points, Starting land 2:06
Starting Equipment 10:28
Farm tour 11:15
Fly Over 16:14
Drive around 21:31

Download Map –

New Bartelshagen 2022
Welcome to Neu Bartelshagen 2022, a small town on the Grabower Bodden.
All standard functions of the LS 22 are installed.
There are 16 fields.
Horse pasture, pigsty, livestock trade
a multi-fruit silo, two courtyards, a BGA
Sawmill, restaurant, carpentry, oil mill
Grain mill, spinning mill.

Game Farming Simulator 22
Manufacturer NONE
Category Map
Author AtzeVR
Size 116.66 MB
Released 09.02.2022
Platform PC/MAC

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  1. A bit disappointing, some core game products like milk no where to sell, oats only outlet I could find was the mill and it could not handle the whole crop, then there are things like gates that are orientated 90 degrees out of alignment in field 6 which screwed the combine. Rushed I think but great sheds should put them out as seperate mods. Good fun for testing multi combines etc with course play

  2. Fs 22 maps that are on console currently:
    1. Elengrat= 3/5
    2. Elcreek= 4/5
    3. Haut- beleron= 4/5
    4. Calmsten farm= 4/5
    5. The old stream farm= 5/5!!!
    6. No man’s land= 2.5/5
    7. The construction map= 1/5
    8. THIS= -1,000,000/5
    This is crap 💩

  3. Thank you Farmer Klein for this map review I was able to download this map on my ps4 when I went to buy equipment the game through me out to the main screen . Also there is an American flag at the house on a German Farm and needs the other selling of the crops and production sales. I don't think you noticed but there wasn't any sell or repair place at dealership

  4. In your scoring system you claim you look for All standard game functions for FS22, you are overlooking AI helper functionality, such as driving from A to B

  5. Mostly base game assets, but missing most base game production, with some of the most awkward feilds I've ever seen. Unfortunate.


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