Oxygendavid's Map Removed From Modhub! & How This CAN be Fixed… | Farming Simulator 19


Today Oxygendavid’s Map has been removed from the GIANTS Modhub. In this video I talk about what happened and how this could be fixed! – 19th January 2021

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  1. It's hard not to say bad things about Giants some times. I don't know the numbers but I am willing to bet that a big big portion of the FS community lies in the United States yet, Giants have a fixed tunnel vision approach to their official content. Its always EU models with an EU feel. I'm not saying anything bad about EU at all. I just prefer to play and use equipment that i see used here. Without modders, there would be none of the things i like in the game. Big thumbs up to modders like aaa and custom and blacksheep for including both styles in a lot of their mods. Love that guys and appreciate it big time.

  2. It's a work ethic thing imo dude. I work with a lot of "nice" people, but you know what?….They suck at their jobs. lol Giants comes off to me as a strictly 9-5 operation. Doesn't matter what's going on, when the bell rings, they're gone. lol In the past i've had to wait for months before they fixed the game so that I could even play it. 17 was a nightmare for months in the beginning. Even on Xbox. It was aweful. It was very apparent that there were not going to be any late nights, or weekends at the office for Giants.

  3. Well we are angry….. because Giants put out crap and sell it to us…….moders make far better stuff then Giants……so get your act together Giants

  4. Giants need to resolve this, FS19 is probably the only game i play for hours on end and i am horrified to see how much toxicity this community has become, I dearly love this game to bits and i would hate for it to go, please stop fighting and Oxy please come back, We already miss you

  5. With every respect to your channel and your good intemntions, that thumbnail and headline are in poor taste. Also, as far as I know, the man is fine, just very, very, frustrated. He is still with us, and updating various works as he develops them. You just have to be patient while we find out who can be a trusted outlet for him.
    Edit – There are two such outlets. Have a look on his Facebook group.

  6. He doesn’t want to come back so don’t start inciting a riot and people it’s just a game if you don’t like it guess what stop playin the game

  7. New to the game me and on Oakfield on my PS4. Shame that Chellington isn’t coming now as I’ve been looking forward to that. If he doesn’t come back and get the respect he deserves I’ll maybe give up on fs19; we’ll see

  8. I love oxygendavid's maps on fs 19 and chellington is one of the best maps I have played on, being from the UK and especially with the farming agency version on PC. But this map needed more testing as many things are broken on it, lime application and fertilization are not working right with seasons, also the compost doesn't work with precision farming. Which is a shame as normally oxygendavid's maps rarely have many bugs or issues

  9. Everybody commenting saying Giants is bad for this are missing the whole point. You realize they will get sued if they have unlicensed brands on their modhub?

  10. I can believe it'd be down to communication. I had to communicate with OxygenDavid once, and he was far from pleasant to deal with. Maybe if you know him well, he's a nice guy, but if he doesn't know you, he simply isn't, as you can CLEARLY see in his discord message. He thinks WAAAAAAY too much of himself, and he often is extremely arrogant. "I would have thought I'd be at least respected some slack when I'm trying my hardest". Absolute BS. Why would anyone get any slack? Treat everybody equally, that's what we all want. He's just trying to blame Giants for his own mistake of putting brands in his map. Brands aren't hard to spot, especially if you know your own map. He wants to make money on ModHub, so he'll have to work for it, it's as simple as that. There's clear guidelines available that every modder has to follow. He should've done that, and he clearly hasn't. Depending on how many times he's send his map in for testing, Giants probably has already spent hundreds of Euros on testing time for his map, but because he fails to comply with guidelines that were clear from the start, he's wasting their time and money, and his own time.

    That being said, I've also dealt with Giants from time to time, and their communication was (probably partially due to a language barrier) not great either.

    In the end, Giants has the final say. If they say "well screw you, you're not getting back on because we don't like you", that's up to them.

  11. All the people talking sense seem to forget that the bulk of gamers are kids and teenagers… you're trying to talk sense to a bunch of immature keyboard warriors… Good luck with that.

  12. Giants issues and attitude is the reason I don't buy dlc and wont be buying a new game if they ever manage to, as they have a stick up their * and big head, plus how can u make a farm sim game and leave out so much stuff but charge what they do for a game . but rely on Modder's to carry their game tbh only reason I got 17 and 19 was cause I knew the mods that we would have would make the game playable!! didn't give 2cent about Giants junk.

  13. Tbh the fact that giants wasted the time of all of us over a german description translation that was still trash and actually UNREADABLE (I'm german) after they said "use this", so basically their own work, makes it kinda obvious as to who to point my finger at. Just my two cents

  14. if Oxygendavid have bean making mods for Giants for years he would also know what to fix, I bet Giants don`t bother to tell him because david alredy should know what it is, The problem is a brand ok, someone down in the comment say something about a scania not alowed on the console and the scania is on this map. Should not david know about this ? He knows the rules. it`s lile working on a car, you know whats wrong but you need someone to tell you what it is. it`s kind of stupid if you ask me. Giants have done fantastic job on this game, also modders have done their share on the mods. Mods are great to have but not needed. Giants are a huge software company. that makes games for us to play.

  15. Speaking as a console gamer, there have a been a slew of mods recently, both maps and equipment, where the conversions have been very poorly done. Several have been removed from Modhub within 24hrs of release. I wonder if Giants have just decided to make an example of someone and Oxygen David has pulled the short straw? Either way I hope they can get together and resolve things.

  16. Sounds like pure laziness on the part of Giants by not telling David what the brand was. Like literally how hard is it to say "hey we found this brand it needs to be fixed before it can be released."

  17. I wouldn't mod for them anymore either. Modders work for free & create most of this games content. If a respectful reply is that difficult for them then your focus isn't deserved. Life's too short.

  18. I bet it’s the traffic that’s unlicensed for chellington there’s a Scania lorry on the little motorway I know scania isn’t allowed on console


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