Ranch Simulator – Part 2 – Building a Home


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  1. OMG, I am laughing my rear off here, Um Trev you see that thing in the house called a FRIDGE that is where you put the CHICKENS!!!
    OMG Trev has never been on a farm I take it.

  2. The only mistake the game has is the generator has the gasoline can in it the whole time that’s not how they really work you fill it up with gas not leave it there lol

  3. You can open the tailgate on the back of the gator and place logs on it to bring them to the saw mill and also place the wooden planks on it too once the tail gate it open.
    Shoot the deer cut them up into meat place them in the back of the gator and sell them for money at the store. You can also sell those dead chickens for money too!


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