RASSVET #15 / SHEEPISH / Farming Simulator 19 PS5 Let’s Play FS19.


RASSVET #15 / SHEEPISH / Farming Simulator 19 PS5 Let’s Play FS19. Map by: Den Ben. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. Field 5’s contract is taking a while and I haven’t seeded/fertilised F6 or 7 yet. Investing in livestock gets off to a rocky start but I get there in the end!

Music (if used) is from YouTube and Sharefactory’s free libraries.

Mods used: Precision Farming By: GIANTS Software, Lizard 5557/4320-60 Farmer + Lizard 4320-60 UST-5453 By: Axary, UN-053 Wheel Loader By: Mr.Dinamit88/TherOcsy, Lizard 17221-21 + KBM 10.8PS + GVS 6U By: RusAgroTeh, Lizard 445DTC By: 50keda, John Deere Gator 6×4 By: BlackSheep Modding, K-258 + ChMZAP 5523 By: Karl911, Concrete Blocks Pack By: FsM Creations, Bizon Z056 By: DanioMods, MMZ-768B By: FSSA Modding Team, Lizard Mazur 6/1100 By: maciusboss1/Matt26, Rau Unisem MS4/MS6, Pottinger LW 15 By: AgrarDesignAustria (BGamer003), Front Lifter By: Peppe978, Triple Axle Toy Hauler By: Lance, Ursus C355/C355M/C360 4×4 By: Driver300/Gracjan26, Cutting Bar Set By: Polofreak211/ GnomAtom/privatprivat, Garden Hose By: grasslandMods, Lizard D882 By: Ostry/Kasztan18, Lizard 232 By: Bear Farm/IGORyaN, Grimme SL 80-22 Quantum AL-X By: TopAce888, HW80 Wood Trailer By: Kamilos0397, Case W20E By: SleutjesModding, Cotton Pack Brazil By: Connect Modding, RYC ONE 6M + Lizard Livestock Trailer By: raulycristi1 (VSR Modding Sur),



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  1. This is the funniest episode yet. I was laughing that whole drive. Thank you MrSealy P. Thank you for including

  2. got tears rolling down my cheeks🤣, was wondering when you would notice it yourself.
    Thanks a lot for making my wife look at me like i'm an idiot👍🏻🤪

  3. I was crying with laughter when I watched you start filling the trailer with pigs…….I was wondering when you would notice. Another great episode !! 👏

  4. I like 2 have a small tractor on my farm 2 use 4 parking farming equipment in sheds I find it easier than big ones

  5. That always works pigs on a sheep farm tears were running down my cheeks where I was laughing so much it was awesome yor human love it wow maybe giants can look into giraffes as a new animal on fs22

  6. Can’t beat an old little tractor, but then again I’m biased as I bought an old little tractor 🚜, Olivia must be so excited that tractor man even named a sheep after her 👏👏

  7. Absolutely hilarious MrSealyP blooper. There once was a time I would scream at the screen "you have pigs not sheep", hoping I could communicate through a screen to the other side of the world a day or two in the past.
    Now I just have a great laugh wondering how long till you realise.
    Simply awesome, thank you for brightening my day.

  8. Enjoyed watching your videos can’t wait till you start spectacle island wonder what story line you will do for example you could get picked up by a boat and get dropped off at spectacle island and see an ad in the cafe about an abandoned farm or something like that 🙂

  9. 😁😄😆😅🤣😂🤣🤣. Nice 🤣 recovery 😂.. I thought I missed heard what farm you were buying. Great video 👍✌

  10. I like this series and maybe you can start another series on Farm Manager mode on Chellington valley. You are really good at this game.


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